AMPv2 AngleMaster Pro

Machining is underway. The bodies should be finished up by July 25th. Only 2 sets of bodies can be machined per day! Lots of metal removal on these!

AMPv2 Body

A freshly made Arm of the AMPv2
AMPv2 Fixture

A partially machined AMPv2 Arm attached to the fixture.

The arms are finishing up the final operation. We are ‘drilling’ the hex shaped holes for the clever knob and shoe attachment. This is the same system that we used on the HP-6v2 fences. There is a hex shaped end on the screws that prevent it from spinning. It works great and is so simple. How does one drill a hex shaped hole? With a hex broach. You drill a hole that is almost the same size as the broach. Then the broach is pushed in to create the facets.

 I was hoping to get parts to the anodizer by now, but no luck. So I think the schedule will be pushed out. The root of the problem is the length of time it took to make the arms. We are having some samples anodized now to verify color match.

The Clamp arms are being machined and will be done on Tuesday. The small clips are next. The Dark Grey legs and light grey clamp arms will go to the anodizer next week.

 Doing some tests to remove some of the final mill marks from the larger parts. We have only the final 2 clips to make.

Knobs are being run next week using our Radial Knurling tool. If you look at some of our tools you will see how some of the knobs have this feature. We had a special knurl made for us so that we could create a knobs like this. Standard knurls are used on flat faces while ours is used on a radiused surface. It makes a very comfortable knob to use and looks good too! By the way, knurling is one of the only machining operations that enlarges the part as opposed to removing material and shrinking the part.

Anodizing Starts next week!

 Delivery to customers should start on September 15. Hopefully! Depends on lead time with the Laser Guru.

9/8/11 – The grey parts are being anodized right now. The laser guru will receive them all next week. We did have a set back with the packaging this week. Our box maker is busy making boxes for the holidays (yes…they will be upon us shortly). So, they are delayed with making the boxes for the AMPv2. Currently it looks like we will not recieve the boxes in hand until the first or second week of October. Everything should be assembled by that point, assuming that that assembly goes smoothly enough!

 9/15/11 – The anodizer is bit backed up! Who would have the nerve to drop off a boat load parts using the EXACT same colors as the AMPv2. Oh wait, that would be us. The Jointmaker parts are just about complete now, so the AngleMaster Pro parts are full steam ahead now. I received the diecut foam sample today and it looks like it will work out well. I am not using the “velvet” looking stuff that has been on the packaging lately. I find it becomes covered in dust way too easily in the shop. This polyethylene foam will be easier to clean out. First or second week of October delivery remains.

 9/22/11 – The fun never stops. I got a call from my anodizer this week. They have pump or some part that is out of commission. It will take a month to get the part. Needless to say, I was over there in 15 minutes filling the back of my truck up with parts and driving across town to another anodizing outfit. Oh the fun of manufacturing! I am hoping they can rush these parts through. They are still sorting the delivery out. I should have a clearer timeline next week.

 9/29/11 – Anodizing is complete! On Monday I will drop the grey legs off at the laser facility to be etched with the whole degree conversions. This should take about a week, then assembly can start. I don’t have a time yet on the assembly, I will know more next week. At this point I am thinking that we should be able to start shipping by the third week of October.

 10/6/11 – The laser operation has begun. Once again, I had to wait for some other project called the Jointmaker Pro to be lasered. (They completed lasering the orange table tops today and are starting on the AMPv2 Legs.) There is quite a bit of laser work to do on these things. I hope to have the parts back by next Friday. Sub assembly has started. The little Arms each gets 2 screws with a washer on each. That’s 4 screws per tool. Assembly time adds up fast when there are so many parts.

 10/13/11 – Laser work is going on still. The Bubble level will be back from the anodizer on Monday too, so we can assemble those little guys next week too. I think I will be putting a nice little laser mark on those too though. All is looking good though. All of the packaging is in hand. Our web based app is being programmed too. Let’s all tune up our geometry skills now!

 10/20/11 – All parts complete and final assembly starts tomorrow. I should know on Monday how fast these things go with all of the calibration that it takes. The parts look great!

 11/3/11 – Wow! Nobody noticed that I forgot to update this last week. Instructions, coupon, certificate have been printed. The web-based app is just about complete. Charge those iPads up, we will start shipping on Wednesday the 9th.

11/10/11 – Shipping has started, orders are being processed in the order they were received.

 11/17/11 – Product shipped all week. More going out every day. Web app is up! Check it out here.

 12/1/11 – Contacting Wait List people. 

 12/8/11 – Product page is live. The shoes are included with the AMPv2 at this point.  Order it right here.

Posted by Michael on September 8, 2011

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  1. Michael says: “Let’s all tune up our geometry skills now!”
    Geometry? What’s that??? That what SolidWorks is for… 😉

  2. V2 arrived the other day!!! Downloaded the app on the iphone,,,works great. Now, if Santa gets me the caliper… I’m in heaven!

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