HG-1 Honing Guide

 02/28/13 – The extrusion metal arrived today. All ready to roll now. Not sure on the exact timeline just yet, I need to check on machine availability at various shops. Having the metal in hand certainly helps.

 03/28/13 – This should be ramping up next week. Most likely shipping in 6 weeks in Mid May.

04/18/13 – Full steam ahead now. Parts are being programmed now. I have one shop doing this one including the assembly. It saves me from having to manage multiple people to get parts on time. Finding good assembly help is always a drag so that is another thing I don’t have to deal with here.

05/2/13 – Two minor modifications were made to the HG-1. First, there will now be a stop in place so that the rear knob will be unable to touch the brass roller if one opens the HG-1 angle up the whole way. Second, the T-square has added height so that it will be usable against more chisels that have tapers edges. The T-Square will be available for purchase for existing HG-1 owners.

 05/16/13 – Machining away on these. We are a few weeks out before assembly begins still.

 06/13/13 – Shipping should be starting in mid-July. Parts go to anodizing in 10 days. Then laser and assembly, and packaging.

 06/20/13 – I got the a few of the first parts in from the machine shop today. They go to the anodizer on Monday. The set up gauges come in on Tuesday.

 07/11/13 – Set Up Gauges are at the anodizer. The have the first parts of the Honing Guide back too. I’ll have more to drop off next week. The shop is moving along slowly with this, but they are moving

 07/18/13 – Set up gauges are back from the anodizer. The knobs were delivered to me and will be dropped off at the anodizer on Monday. Just a couple of last parts to go.

 08/01/13 – Laser ops start next week. The last few parts are in anodizing now. Assembly happens right after that. Still a few weeks out. The parts to be lasered should have been done before the others. That obviously did not happen.

 08/08/13 – In the queue for lasering. Boxes and foam are ready to go. I still need to stamp out the rubber pads.

 08/22/13 – Lasering is underway. A bit of re-anodizing needed to happen on 2 parts so they are back in the tanks right now.

 09/5/13 – Rubber pads done on Tuesday. Final lasering of logo on the bracket. They had to re-anodize that part last week. They messed up. Assembly should ramp up next week! Finally.

 09/12/13 – Everything is completed. Some of the sub-assembly has started, I am hoping to have finished assembled product by the end of next week.

 09/19/13 – Final assembly and packaging is still happening. Hopefully completed product will go to distribution center by Wednesday.

 09/23/13 – All is done. Drop off is tomorrow at distribution center. They should have it all counted and shrink wrapped by Tuesday and shipping start on Wednesday.

Posted by Michael on February 28, 2013

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  1. Any chance you could post a picture of the extrusion? Is it a long piece, or multiple small ones?


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