TS-1v2 Try Square


TS1v2_AL_01   TS1v2_SS_01


9/10/14 – We are anticipating completing production at the end of October.

10/09/14 – Try Square are currently being milled. The completion date is going to be in November at this time.

11/20/14 – TS-1v2 bodies have arrived, and they look great! The blades are currently at the grinders, after which they will be bead-blasted and laser-etched. We hope to have them completed by mid-December.

12/18/14 – Here are the bodies just waiting for their blades:


The blades have been ground, bead-blasted, and are currently being laser etched. We are hoping they will arrive early next week so we can begin assembly.

12/29/14 – We received the blades and have begun assembly. Here is an assembled stainless steel TS-1v2…

TS-1v2 SS Assembly Update

… and here is an assembled aluminum TS-1v2.

TS-1v2 Assembly Update

We are working hard to finish assembly and start shipping the first and second week of January.

Posted by Michael on November 5, 2013

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  1. Would this be December 2014 or 2015? I didn’t expect that it would be 1-1/2yrs for a square. I’m not upset, just disappointed.

  2. Happy New Year to You Too!

    Email on the new CS-12 and the new CS-6v2 will go out in the next week or so. Lots of stuff shipping out of here this week…



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