Bridge City Phone System is less than Ideal at the Moment…

Drivel Starved Nation;

The old saying, “No plan survives the collision with reality” is certainly true here!

The new Montclair office has a different phone system, and a different carrier than what we had here. To me, that is not a big deal. To some of you, it is! Here’s why;

The phone message inbox has been disconnected for almost a week and will not be up and fully functional until our 800 number is ported to the new carrier which is still several weeks away I am told. Currently, all incoming calls to the 800 number are being forwarded to Montclair and that is fine, but if all lines are busy, or if they receive calls after hours, it goes to a voice mailbox we can’t access because of the call forwarding setup. I’ve spent half-a-day dealing with this and I am as frustrated as those who deserve a response that is something other than silence. If you come across some cranky customer on the internet complaining that we are not returning calls, please give them my email address; I answer all cranky emails on the same day, which of course is the highlight of my day. Thank you in advance!

The good news here? The awls will be assembled and out the door this week.

Until the next collision,

Your Favorite Banged Up Tool Potentate

Posted by John on August 7, 2018

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