Folding Japanese Hand Saws

Due to arrive in the states from Japan in early September.

 9.8.11 – Still waiting to hear back from Japan on the final due date. Judging from the silence, my guess is these were delayed. We just received the shipment of Jointmaker blades, so I believe they were backed up with those.

 9.15.11 – We will have these in stock for the end of October.

 11/3/11 – They are here! The saws made it through customs, (Can you believe TSA let John through security with 10,000 Japanese Saws in his carry on?) These ship next week. We will process these with your AMPv2 (if you have one on order) in order to save on shipping for everyone. (Sorry Fedex and UPS!)

 11/10/11 – Shipping has started, orders are being processed in the order they were received.

 11/17/11 – Orders were shipped all week. Anglemaster Pros were shipped together if both were on order.

  12/1/11 – Leftover stock will appear on its product page and available to order soon.

Posted by Michael on September 8, 2011

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