AMPv2 AngleMaster Pro [back to top]

Chopstick Master [back to top]

Chopstick Master™ Accessories [back to top]

Making Chopsticks in Taipei, Taiwan with the Chopstick Master™ [back to top]

Sawing with the Chopstick Master™ [back to top]

Chopstick Master™ and Reverse Grain [back to top]

Making Chopsticks with the Chopstick Master™ (2015 version) [back to top]

Making Chopsticks with the Chopstick Master™ (second version) [back to top]

CS-2 Centerscribe [back to top]

CT-16 Palm Brace [back to top]

CT-17 Commorative Tool No. 17 Block Plane [back to top]

CT-17 Disemboweled plus Care and Maintenance [back to top]

DJ-1 Drilling Jig [back to top]

HG-1 Honing Guide [back to top]

HP-6v2 Surface Cove Profile [back to top]

HP-6v2 Dado Profiles [back to top]

Making Tapered Sliding Dovetails by hand with the HP-6v2 Mini Multi-Plane Body[back to top]

Attaching the Bridge City HP-6v2 Female Dovetail Kit [back to top]

Sharpening the Bridge City HP-6v2 Dovetail Irons [back to top]

JM-SW Jointmaker [back to top]

Jointmaker Pro [back to top]

Jointmaker Pro Decorative Cuts [back to top]

Jointmaker Pro Cutting Dovetails [back to top]

JMP Squiggle Wood [back to top]

JS-7 Japanese Hand Saw [back to top]

JSF Series Japanese Folding Saws [back to top]

KM-1 Kerfmaker [back to top]

Precision Fence Calibration [back to top]

SR-6 Ruler [back to top]

TM-1 Tenonmaker [back to top]


Posted by Michael on March 22, 2011

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  1. Just watched the squiggle wood chronicles and got a kick out of it. Loved the sound effects; reminded me of the three stooges shorts. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

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