HP-6v2 3/8″ and 1/2″ Dado Profiles and more V-Groove too! (more HP-6v2 Bodies as well)

 11/17/11 – Material is being prepped for these parts. CAD models are programmed in the machines.

At this point these are looking to ship in January.

  12/8/11 – Irons are being rough ground, then heat treat will happen. Heat treating the irons hardens the metal, which makes it too hard to machine with standard tooling. So, the only way to deal with it is by grinding. Grinding operations have come a long way in the past 10 years. This batch is not all that complicated of profiles compared to the Ogees that is.. January is looking good for everything.

  1/5/12 – Chugging along on these parts. The grinding operations on the Dado Scoring cutters is quite the project. Small parts with sharp edges and multiple facets.

The knobs for the HP-6v2 bodies are being made. These all use the same radial knurl that we use for other knobs in our product line.

 1/19/12 – Irons are being wrapped up and will be packaged in the individual tubes. Final engraving of the Caps for the HP-6v2 is happening now. Then final assembly of the bodies and packaging.

 1/26/12 – The Dado and V-Groove soles are finishing up. The final operations of graining the ends of the soles is rather low-tech. It is just a pivoting fixture in front of a disc sander. I am thinking these will be wrapped up in two weeks. The bodies should be about the same.

  2/2/12 – Dado Irons and V-Groove will be delivered next week. Packaging up everything starting next week. The HP-6v2 Fence extrusion has finally been completed. They had a lot of difficulty with the profile we designed. The Fences will be the last thing to be finished up it.

 2/9/12 – Packaging up now. Orders should be fulfilled during the the week of Feb. 20. 

 2/16/12 – Credit Cards will be starting to be processed on the 24th. Dado and V Groove shipping out starting the 24th and the week of the 27th. Fences and bodies in March.

  3/1/12 – Dado and V Groove soles starting shipping this week. The rest will go out next week. HP-6v2 Bodies will be completed next week and shipped out on the week of the 12th. Fences should all go soon after that.

 3/8/12 – The Dado and V-Grooves have been shipping out all week. The HP-6v2 Bodies will ship out next week. The Fences will head out probably by the 21st.  The Dado sets are sweet and work amazingly well!

 3/15/12 – The Fences went to the anodizer today. They look great. We are doing these in black too, not the blue as in the photos. The HP-6v2 bodies are in and some shipped out this week. The web site product page will be active next week.

 3/22/12 – Fences will be back from the Anodizer on Tuesday. We will then assemble them and package them up. We should be able to start shipping some out by the 29th.

  3/29/12 – These started shipping today, and will continue for the next few days.

Posted by Michael on November 17, 2011

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  1. any update on the V6 bodies? Have some of the profiles but can not use them until the body is done. when I ordered them it was the first time I had ordered anything from you so did not understand the body came seperate. i did not get in on the pre order of this new lot of v6’s

  2. All these notes for the hp-6v2 bodies and fences were for the year 2012.
    When will the bodies and fences of this year, 2013 will be ready please?

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