Special Edition Rabbet Plane


 12/6/12 – The handles determine the timeline for this plane. I am still waiting to hear back from the foundry for their delivery estimates. We are a small customer to them, as they usually deal with casting aerospace and wind turbine parts…Hence, the new foundry that is working on the CT-18 with us, but they are on the other end of the spectrum.

 01/03/13 – I don’t have an exact date on the handle yet. We have the body cut out on a Water Jet, similar to how we did the Crowning Plane. We don’t have those back yet from the water jet facility.

 01/17/13 – The handles are good to go so now the bodies can be waterjetted.

 02/07/13 – I should have the handles in house next week. All other parts are getting dialed in.

 02/21/13 – I got word today of a wait on the body material. They have some, but not enough for the whole job. All of the rest of the parts are good to go. I think this won’t ship until April.

 03/07/13 – I modified the Body model at the last minute so that it is identical to the HP-10 and will accept future soles, like the Dovetail Soles.

 03/14/13 – All The rest of the parts should kick in shortly to time with the body machining. This will ramp up very quickly.

03/21/13 – Walnut boxes are starting up. Walnut has been tracked down which is kind of a task for this size box and quantity. The Soles are cruising along as well as the other parts.

03/28/13 – First article on the body will be delivered to me on Monday. One detail I learned today about a single part on the plane: The little dovetail nut that holds the Front Sole on takes 8 minutes each to machine. Add in some time to set-up the machine, and then material prep. There is one whole day on a machine to run one little part.

04/04/13 – Here is a pic of the body. No polish, no bead blast. It is right off the machine. SERP_first article_01

I hope to get these all shipped out by the end of the month. It’ll be tight. But things are cruising now.

 04/11/13 – Ok, beginning of May is more likely now. The bodies will be done, but a few of the remaining parts will be coming in last.

04/18/13 – Final bead blast on the body is happening. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the irons to the heat treater next week.

 04/25/13 – Bodies go off to the polisher on Monday. The remaining parts are cranking away. The irons head off to the heat treater today. Walnut boxes are being laser engraved.
05/2/13 – Lapping the mirror polish on the irons will start next week. The handle mechanism is underway. I have 9 vendors making parts and pieces for this tool at the moment but all is going as smoothly as it could go at this point.
05/9/13 – Irons are at the lapping facility. Other parts are wrapping up. Handles are in, Soles to be completed tomorrow. Bodies are all polished up. Assembly will start soon. I need just a few more parts. Aluminum fences are in the cnc mill right now.

 05/30/13 – Irons go to the grinder tomorrow. Final assembly starts next week and shipping will start in the week of the 10th. Final assembly, graining, and inspection is done by me.

 06/06/13 – The little scoring cutters are the last item to get next week. Shipping should start up by the end of next week if I get the scoring cutters back in time.

 06/13/13 – I was doing finish work all week as well as doing some assembly. I did not get any out the door this week, but next week is looking good.

 06/20/13 – I did lots of work on the planes this week, but shipping did not happen. That will start next week.





 06/28/13 – A bunch went out this week. The rest will go out by July 3rd.

 07/11/13 – Shipping is completed. We do still have a couple if anyone is interested in one!

Posted by Michael on December 6, 2012

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  1. Michael, that really bites. When was the last time you guys actually had one of these foundries, factories, etc. that actually delivered what they promised within the time frame they promised? What is your best guess, Mr. Scheduler Dude, the SE Rabbet Plane or the HP-10 Rabbet kit out the door shipped to us first? :o) Fred

  2. Michael, what would be the hold up on getting the irons to the heat treater? Are the irons with them and how long will this take? I REALLY want my Rabbets!!!!!!! Fred

  3. No actual hold up on the irons. I was merely implying my hope that the irons would be complete and sent over to the heat treater this week. There were sent over today too!

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