DJ-2 Drilling Jig



 2013 Production Run Updates:

11/15/12 – Phew, we had a close call with one of our best machinists. Don’t worry, nothing that an emergency quadruple heart bypass complete with stints and other goodies did not solve! In his exact words, “they cut me open like a baked potato.” He is now almost fully recovered and can start cranking on the Drilling Jigs. We have been using a DJ-1 with the cables removed at the recent woodworking shows and it has been great to use. Machining starts up next week. A more accurate schedule should be available then.

 12/6/12 – Whoops, sorry about the slow posting. It is looking like the DJ-2 should be shipping out in mid January. Straddling the holidays is never fun and sets us back a bit.

 01/03/13 – After getting manufacturing updates this week, it seems that many took the time off from the last few weeks, or are even still off! The bodies of the DJ-2 are coming along nicely. The outriggers and arms follow up after that. February is in the timeline now.

 01/17/13 – All of the dark grey parts are going to anodizing next week. Lots of lasering to do after that. We are now extruding the orange Jaws, so we are waiting on that now. Outriggers are nearing completion.

 02/07/13 – Dark grey parts are all anodized and are now headed off to the laser outfit. Outriggers being deburred and will go to anodize next week. Bushings are ready for production.

 02/21/13 – Parts are being lasered and outriggers are being anodized. Working on some new packaging for the DJ-2. The Arms are a bit longer so it wont fit in the original box. I have the extrusion in for the orange Jaws. All is good there. Machining started on that today. We are way behind on this project! Lots of work going on with it, just not fast enough!

 02/28/13 – Outriggers are anodized, time to start assembling the outriggers on to the arms. The orange jaws are still being machined. We will then anodize, and then assemble the jaws with the outriggers and arms. After they are assembled, we will then laser the arms. This ensures accuracy of using the face of the orange jaw as the reference surface.

 03/7/13 – Laser etching on the bodies is complete. V-jaws go to anodize on Monday. Hopefully all gets shipped out by the end of the month.

 03/14/13 – Jaws are in hand, as well as the Knobs. They all head to the anodizer. Laser on the Bodies are are complete. Time to laser the grads on the arms.

 03/21/13 – Anodizing still in process. New boxes ordered with foam for lots of divots for bushings. I think we should have a competition to see how everyone stores their bushings. I already know of a few people who have created nice storage facilities for them. At this point March shipping is unlikely. Mid April shipping is likely. Hopefully they can start trickling out sooner than that.

 03/28/13 – Lots happening this week with the DJ-2. Anodizing completed on the knobs and jaws. The Finger stops will be finished by Tuesday. I laser cut the beams out for the fingerstops. 6061 Aluminum alloy is much better the 5052 for the beams, it is much more rigid. It is pretty amazing how alloys of the same metal can differ so much in characteristics. Knobs look fantastic too. A beautiful finish on the dome.

 04/04/13 – Bushings have arrived. Final parts go to anodizer next week. These should start shipping by the end of the month. After the product is finished assembly, packaging and inventory at the distribution center takes about 7-10 days.

 04/11/13 – Cranking away on the final assembly of the outriggers to the arms. They are looking great.

 04/18/13 – Final laser on the arms starts on Monday. Check out this picture of the DJ-1 completed without the laser etch on the arms. Pretty sweet. The finger stops are will be assembled next week. Final packaging starts on the 29th.

DJ2_01_Nolaser DJ2_02_Nolaser

04/18/13 – The laser facility has the arms, and is just now going to start them. The finger stops are pretty cool. I am hoping the laser wraps up next week. We do have a bunch of DJ-1 drilling jigs that are completed and good to go since they don’t get the extra laser marking on the arms.

 05/2/13 – The arms are still being lasered. I am hoping to have them back in next week. They were doing a system software update, thus could not complete this week. Here are a couple of images of the Finger Stops. You think that is enough stops?


  05/16/13 – Everything started shipping this week. Some more will go out next week. The “DJ-2 Base Kits” will go out last, so if you ordered one of those you won’t see anything ship until the last week of May.

 05/30/13 – A good portion of these shipped. I have another batch of knobs at the anodizer in order to install in the remaining Bodies. Then people who ordered just a spare Body will receive theirs.

 06/06/13 – All parts are in. The remaining will be assembled next week and brought to the distribution center.

 06/13/13 – Everything is assembled. Distribution center will receive it all tomorrow then hopefully Monday the balance of the orders ship. Wait List will be processed next week.

 06/20/13 – All done. We are going through the final waitlist people now. Universal Jaws are in stock as well as some Accessory bushing sets.



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