SF-1…..Sale Freebie!

06/06/13 – These should be complete in 3 weeks. And, let’s hope we never have an SF-2! Sale Freebie! but we’ll also have it for sale for others who are interested. Read John’s blog to find the whole story.

 06/28/13 – I got the main parts in this week. I need to do a little hand work on them then off to the anodizer. These are fun little tools!

 07/18/13 – The anodizing is done. The color is ORANGE! Yes, our Bridge City orange. One last little part to be laser cut then bead blasted and laser engraved. Oh, and a couple of magnets need to be inserted in to the orange part too. I love how vague this is!

 08/01/13 – I have the magnets, I need to install them. I need to laser one last part, then we are good to go! The Museum exhibit got in the way this week, so I hope to get the parts to the laser facility next week.

 08/22/13 – Lasering right now. Black oxide too. Soon!

 09/5/13 – The new name of this tool is the MMS-1. Lasering SF-1 on the tool just didn’t seem right. The laser is done now. Pressing in the magnets next week and then packaging!

 09/12/13 – We decided to add an extra magnet! It makes a big difference. Last minute change, but for a better tool.

 10/03/13 – Magnets are installed. I hope to have them packaged up next week and brought to the distribution center next week.

 10/10/13 – Packaged up. Time to send them out to y’all.

 10/24/13 – Quite a few shipped this week, the rest will be next week.





Posted by Michael on May 30, 2013

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  1. Some of us are paying attention; is this the “free” tool? SF = Sandwich Fork 1, Slender Frisbee1 or ?


  2. I like “Sandwich Fork”, Rutager! But maybe it’s…
    Super Frikkin
    Stainless File
    Solid Foil
    Square Flipper
    Squalid Fool
    Squamous Flambeer

    Actually, I’m hoping not.

    — Peter

  3. I meant “sandwich.”

    It is probably really simple; Something Free-1. That begs the question; will there be a SF-2?

  4. What is wrong wit you people’s??? Rutager almost got it right, which in and of itself is amazing. 😮 It is obviously “Super Fred.” As you know, I love being or having the 1st of everything so again John has added in the 1.

    I hope this clears up the mystery. 😮 😮


  5. Awesome! I was just thinking about this. I hope whatever it is, that we will be able to buy lots of accessories and add-on’s for it. SF “Sure it’s Free” ;^) This was an ingenious way to increase sells. Give us a “free” tool and make a lot of awesome accessories to sell with it… Brilliant!


  6. with a magnet, i’m guessing you have found a way to get things to hang on a stainless fridge, hence sf-1. will always be close to my beer opener. thanks, john.

  7. MMS-1, mixed martial scribe? This new name really has me scratching my head as to what it is. I’ll probably come up with it later on at work.

  8. I’m at work and still haven’t figured it out. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is.

  9. mini magnet square? magic magnet saw? oh i got it! mighty manly screwdriver! My curiosity is killing me on this one.

  10. I think I got it! Mini multi square. I just read the latest and greatest blog about the new plane that fits your hand better and that’s where the idea came from.

  11. You decided to add an extra magnet. Although it will improve the tool exponentially, it will keep us guessing what it is all the more longer. I am now devouring the bit.

  12. After the latest message about this tool, I went and checked my shopping cart to see if it was in there awaiting shipping, but no, not in there yet. No description of what it is there.

  13. got mine as well. thanks again, john. good business practice and handy little device.

    btw, noticed i was scheduled for two shipments and a quick call to consuelo remedied that. bctw’s has done enough without suffering duplicate shipments.

  14. This being Sunday night, I just looked in my cart to see that the delivery date for this tool is Monday. Can’t wait to see what it is! Unfortunately, I will be at work when the mail comes. Maybe I’ll just call in sick and wait for the mail from home.

  15. I got mine as scheduled on Monday, and you would think that I would log on to let everybody know how cool this little tool really is, it’s just been a very busy week for me. The tool is a slick design. Thanks for sending it to me. Now all I got to do is to wait for the stainless steel try square to be shipped out and then all will be good in the world, my world, anyway. Thanks, again.

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