DJ-1 Drilling Jig, Universal Jaws, and Accessory Bushing Set.

2012 Production Run Updates:
3/15/12 – Production on this will follow closely behind the Centerscribe. This is our 4th production run on these and there is more and more interest in this tool. We hope they ship out by the beginning of May.

 4/19/12 – These are chugging along. After assembly is complete on the Centerscribe it will be full steam ahead. Looks like shipping of these units will be towards the end of May, not the beginning.

 4/26/12 – Accessory bushing sets included in the above schedule.

 5/3/12 -Champagne colored parts should head to anodizer next week. I saw the first articles on the body and arms today so things are moving along on those.

 5/10/12 – Body and Arms will be complete on Tuesday. Then they go to the anodizer and laser engraver. Should have the 1/64″ bushings in here on the 25th. DJ-1’s should be wrapped up by the end of the month too.

 5/17/12 – All of the screw studs are being glued into the knobs now. The dark grey parts are being anodized now. Bushings are en route to me now. Things still look good for the end of the month on the DJ-1. I am hoping to start shipping the 1/64″ Accessory bushings the moment they get in here next week.

 5/24/12 -The body is off to the laser which should only take a couple of days. The dark grey looks pretty nice. This is a tad darker, just like the AMPv2. It is richer than the more muted grey we had before. I am hoping final assembly starts by the end of next week. We’ll see how the long weekend plays out though.

  5/31/12 – Drilling Jig Accessory bushing kits started going out this week. What a sweet kit of 28 bushings! Laser engraving is done, all parts are finally anodized. Final assembly goes full steam ahead on Monday. Hoping to get my hands on the completed kits by the end of next week. Shipping should start up on the 11th and 12th. 

  6/7/12 – Shipping starts up next week. Universal Jaws will be here too. The 1/64″ fractional bushing sets are here. All will be going out in the same box if you ordered all of them. That’ll be quite the package on your doorstep!

 6/14/12 – Shipping has started, they are starting to head out the door. Go drill some holes!

 6/21/12- Shipping did start this week. Not as many went out as anticipated. We have implemented several features on our website with a major upgrade that , so the kinks were getting worked out this week with the distribution center.  Most changes are on the back end of the site to make things more efficient for us. The major change that customers will see is the ability to save credit cards.
They just wrapped up the fixes so all DJ-1 should finish shipping next week.

 6/28/12 – I believe just a few are left to go out and then the wait list will go. Time to make some more!

Posted by Michael on March 15, 2012

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