Special Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Plane

Last year when we introduced the CT-14 Shoulder Plane, we made a couple out of solid stainless steel with no intention of ever producing a stainless version–the machining costs are astronomical.

I have hauled one around with me at several of the Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Events and it is definitely a head-turner–works great too. Recently we had a customer who wanted to buy the plane and it was explained it was not for sale.

“Name your price.”  he said. I have heard this before and it is hard to ignore.

We held our ground. Until last week.

In a staff meeting it was suggested that we make a very small run of these and include them as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration.  What is a small run? 50.

Each of these planes will be hand signed and serial numbered. Delivery will be in October, the price; $2500.

If this interests you, give us a call (1-800-253-3332). As of this writing there are 17 remaining. Phone orders only–serial number will be assigned at time of order.

If you are looking for a something that is truly unique, perhaps a great investment, this may be worth considering. There is nothing like it.

Did I mention I have developed a tool fetish for stainless steel?  This stuff is awesome!



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  1. I got one!!!!
    I’m like a kid before Christmas. This was a real surprise to see pop up and I really am excited about it. I’m hoping the plane comes with a very special box as well. I would like to know if it does. With the “John Economaki low angle smoother” there was an engraving on the box which made is a bit more special. It would be very cool to have something like a small inlay in the top or similar. It would be great if it comes with a spare blade also, but I’m just wishing – If it comes in a paper bag I’m happy….


  2. Dennis-

    Thanks–this offering was a big surprise to us in this economic climate–we are almost sold out! I like doing small runs like this every once in awhile.

    When I first saw the stainless steel version I felt like a big toad who just landed a date with the homecoming queen! Can’t wait to hear the feedback when these hit the street.

    Thanks for sharing.


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