Oh NO! Today is July 20th…

Today is the last day for pre-orders for the Tool You Will Want Real Bad, except for those who call tomorrow with some lame excuse (you know who you are).

FYI, it is true that we have sold under 500,000 units and can’t count all the money. However, we should have sold millions…

We think this completely awesome tool was not picked up by the search engines correctly. So please ignore the next paragraph, it is for search engine use only;

John Economaki Forbes 500, Bridge City to buy Hawaii?, John Economaki nude, Bridge City Kerfmaker creates Aluminum shortage, Tool Makers and mental instability, Bridge City Bails Out Feds, John Economaki NAKED

For those of you who need a refresher movie, click here

Otherwise, we are moving on–$59.

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  1. Okay – just to get you all off my back, I ordered a Kerf Maker. I know, I know – I only ordered one. So I probably haven’t reached kerfection. But at least it’s a step on the road to kerflightenment.

    Now that that’s over with, let’s talk Black Chrome! I can hardly wait to see this. I’ve hidden my credit card under lead shields so that it doesn’t get too freaked out…

    — Peter


    AP (Portland, Or)

    Today pfranks ended his long holdout and within weeks will know kerfection!

    Never underestimate the collective power of persuasion!

    In other words, pfranks ain’t no Bozo!

    Remember, you heard it here first.


  3. Peter,

    Thanks for ending our high stress level. We really appreciate it. I nearly sent you my only VP-60 to “grease the skids” so to speak toward kerfection infection.


  4. Geez, Dennis. If I’d known the VP-60 was practically out the door, I’d have held out longer! How ’bout you send it out anyway, and I’ll send it back (slightly used) soon (never)?

    Thanks John. I’m pleased that I should be able to achieve kerfection with merely a single Kerf Maker. Kervana here I come!

    And thanks, Ron. I’ll try not to make you all work so hard on the next tool.

    I’m so happy I’m no Bozo!

    Funny thing: when I called up to order the Kerf Maker (’cause I hate ordering things using web forms, and I couldn’t figure out how to put my Founder’s Circle membership in the form), Melissa answered. Curiously, with only “Hi, this is Peter Franks from San Diego” she had all the information she needed. Including the fact that she knew I’d been roundly abused on John’s (and talkFestool’s) forum.

    Glad I could give you something to talk about at the office, John! Just wait ’till I come to visit!

  5. Gosh, I would love to be as forgiving but on another forum it was leaked that pfranks has TWO (2) tools that make kerfs and yet ONE (1) KerfMaker? No,I am afraid he is only partially out of the hotwater. Yes, it does look like you only now you are merely a zo. :o)


  6. This, from the guy who ordered three (3) KerfMakers, and has probably three thousand (3000) tools that make kerfs. You lose big time on that one, Fred!

    — Peterzo

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