Hair Shirt and Moleskin Pants…

Two weeks ago we introduced the Universal Jaws for our DJ-1 Drilling Jig. After the announcement, I spent four days in Atlanta that could best be described as “unproductive” financially. Little did I know what would transpire a couple of weeks later…

While in Atlanta I met with one of our suppliers who really wants to do more work for us. So on a whim, I asked them to quote the Universal Jaw project since we are still in the pre-order phase.

Over the past three decades this has NEVER happened but we are able to dramatically lower the price on this amazing kit based on a new cost structure. It’s a big deal. This is approximately a 30% savings totaling over $120! (For those of you who have ordered, your second installment will be reduced accordingly).  FYI, the pre-order phase closes on Oct 1.  We are thrilled and think you will be too!

As mentioned, this has never happened before and we don’t anticipate it happening again. As insurance, sometime tonight (after happy hour I presume) I will stuff a big spud in a knee sock and flagellate myself for an hour while wearing a hair shirt tucked into my moleskin pants. (For those that don’t know what flagellate means, it sounds like something it is not.)

Now for Something Completely Different

By Monday we will have shipped all of the Special Edition (limited to 50) shoulder planes. They really came out nice and sexy and work awesome. As in, holy moleskin, did I just make that shaving?

We have less than 10 remaining, so if immediate gratification is your game, your lucky number is 800-253-3332.

Again, something different…

For those of you waiting for your JMP, we are entering the anodizing phase. This means we are getting close to delivery. I will have the new Single Wing JMP at Woodworking in America and don’t plan on bringing it home. This means come early and find out what the deal is…

The CT-17 is also a couple of weeks away.

And Lastly…

Before my flagellation begins, I must share that  next week we will begin taking orders for the tool that will make you a tenon guru. Wait until you see the video… square pegs in square holes has never been perfect for the uninitiated until now.


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  1. Wow, John. That’s really cool about the price reduction on the Universal Jaws. Don’t suppose you also found a stainless-steel miller who needs work (I’m thinking of the CT-17 here…)? Regardless, I can hardly wait. Will you have a CT-17 working prototype at the WIA?

    Guess I’m going to have to bring an empty extra bag to fit that JM-SW… Do you haggle? I just got a great deal on a new car, so I’m in the mood!

    Actually, moleskin pants sound kind of comfy. I can do without the flagellation. I get enough of it at work, studying dinoflagellates. At least some of them glow in the dark. Makes it all worthwhile.

    By the way, Gillian has a request for you, that I’ll pass on at the WIA…

    – Peter

  2. John,

    Great news about the Universal Jaws for the DJ-1!

    I would never be so forward as to suggest suitable attire for flagellation. (Hair Shirt and Moleskin Pants). However I feel I should bring to your attention that flagellation, particularly self-flaggelation, is practiced in Iran on certain occasions, mostly days associated with Ismamic traditions. At the risk of exposing yourself, metaphorically of course, as an Islamic sympathizer, I would urge you to select another form of contrition to satisfy your inner needs. After all, you just never can tell who might be watching and reaching false conclusions. (Note tongue firmly in cheek!)

    From Wiki:

    While self-harm is forbidden in Islam, certain sects of Shi’a
    Muslims found solely in villages in Iran and the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia perform self-flagellation when participating in the Zanjeer Zani ritual to mourn the death of Hussain during Muharram, on the Day of Ashura. Although officially done with a special leash, most Shi’as usually beat their chests with their hands.


  3. John,

    Great news on the price. It is comforting to know that not only do you work out your tool designs so that they will perform at the highest level possible, but that you’re also trying to do it at lowest price possible, without sacrificing the quality.

    Just a heads up though, while the rest of the DSN really appreciate the price cut, I’m sure Fred will argue that he was “promised” the original price, and will demand you let him pay it!

    Now that prices have dropped, some of us may want to get an extra set of plates, can we order them without the extra jaws, and what would the cost be?

    Thanks, Rutager

  4. I don’t care what it means it sounds unholy!

    After readying your post it also sounds like you have been over paying for fab work and that it was indeed a profitable trip to Atlanta. I keep asking myself if I would like to have a DJ1 + attachments or a new top of the line drill press. 10 years ago it would have been an easy answer. BOTH!! Today we live in a much more austere world.

    When buying new tools today. I still value quality but above that I value tools that will expand on my meager capabilities. For me that means JMPs over new chisels and planes. domestics over exotics. Japanese over German. and the list goes on.

    Sorry for the melancholy. These are tuff times. We will get things turned around but it will take time, hard work and diligence.

  5. John,

    NICE bonus! I would be happy to trade it for jaw extensions and coupler! And while I’m begging, a while back you promised to send me some threaded inserts for custom HP-6 fences….

    I appreciate that you passed this on to us as customers. Most people would not have done that. YOU didn’t need to, but…That is why we love you man…

    On another note, I’m making a set of tables (kind of arts & craft design), but every joint in them is off square by 5 degrees. All toward the center. there are 12 legs on the table with three in each corner and smaller spindles captured between these. The top is a 40″ cross cut from an old white oak log (1819 was its birth). There are 4 top rails going each way all “tipped” toward the center by 5 degrees and interlocked like an egg crate. I really didn’t anticipate this, but I did a dry assembly tonight and the darn thing literally “snapped” together. I swear I could stand on it without any glue in the joints. It is incredible what that 5 deg. cant did for strength in the piece! I know this has nothing to do with the blog, but I found it exciting to feel the strenghth improvement in this small design change.


  6. John, Unfortunately unlike what Rutager thinks? or says I am very pleased with the price decrease. Not only will I be buying mine but now Rutager can buy one for both Peter and me. 😮 If you could continue this trend with the Commemorative tools then Rutager could start buying many of us these tools which would increase your bottom line. 😮 😮


  7. John,

    Fred and Peters beauty notwithstanding; I will not be their “sugardaddy!” If they try and put anything on my tab, please toss them out of the joint.

    I like Dennis’s idea of paying the old price and having an extra set of plates and couplers thrown in. Any chance you like it too?

    Thanks, Rutager

  8. John, Have you adjusted the pricing on the website page for the Universal Jaws? The prices look no different. When will you be publishing the revised pricing?


  9. “John, Have you adjusted the pricing on the website page for the Universal Jaws? The prices look no different. When will you be publishing the revised pricing?”

    It was supposed to have been completed.

    Please check tomorrow!

    Thanks and apologies.



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