Creative Caulking: And the Winner Is…


“Humanity can be quite cold to those whose eyes see the world differently.” — Eric A. Burns

Every action has an unintended consequence–or so it seems. Our little Caulking Contest created quite the political uproar over on the Talkfestool Forum–make sure you have a full cup of coffee before reading.

Thanks to all who participated and those who voted. Now for the VALUABLE FREE PRIZE! To each of the finalists, coming to your inbox in the next day or so will be a $50 gift certificate (multiple entries count as one). I like this contest and next year it will be better. This year, everybody was a winner.


We extended the pre-order deadline for the HP-8 until next Monday–our goof regarding it being so close to a holiday weekend.

We are offering this incredible little plane in both stainless and brass. Personally, I cannot wait to get mine because the ability to create uniform thick parts is a huge deal to me–I have several interesting projects that I want to build that this tool makes possible. BTW, in our tests here, we are able to plane multiple parts to thickness within 0.002″ or BETTER using the skids.

Of all the HP6v2 profiles, I have the most fun demonstrating the dado profiles because the scoring cutter (nicker) allows you to cut with the grain, across the grain, or on end grain with equal ease with nary a torn fiber. This week we are unleashing for pre-order the 3/8″ and 1/2″ dado profiles. This offer is coming to your inbox later this week–these are perfect for drawer making.

Also, we will introduce the new HP6v2 fence system. If you own the original HP6v2 fence (with wood runners) YOU DO NOT NEED THIS FENCE! That said, we would be happy to make one for you.

I took a couple of days off to stretch the holiday weekend and came across some really talented designers: please meet shoe designer Kobi Levi; and his wonderful imagination…

I think his work is a blast (love the gum heel!)–and I bet your mind is now thinking of shoe ideas–or at the very least, a caulk tube idea or two…


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  1. John, thank you for the gift certificate. Hmmm – where should I spend it? 🙂

    I love those shoes! What imagination. I wouldn’t want to wear them, but they’re impressive pieces of art. I love that saddle shoe with the stiletto hidden inside. Very clever.

    Thanks again for your caulking contest. It was very stimulating. Now, how to top my entries for next year….

    – Peter

  2. Oh man, I would never want to WEAR shoes like that, but I sure would love to DESIGN them. Great stuff.


    Correction… on second thought, I would actually like to wear the Dachsund ones (for an hour or two) and the Banana Peel ones (for breakfast).

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