Emma International 2014: Part Deux

Drivel Starved Nation!

Welcome to part 2 of my Emma International 2014 Corroboration report. Let the images continue…

This is a good overview of the main grounds. The forges and jewelry making habitats are behind me in the photo. One of the woodworking areas was inside the blue Quonset hut. As you can see, it is perfect for those who don’t expect much, which of course is the perfect setting for expecting much! The trees you see represent two beginnings; the boreal forest is north and ALL of the Great Plains are to the south. in addition, over 99 percent of all mosquitoes on earth live in this clearing…
Emma Compound

I know the DSN is a curious bunch and the question I know you want to ask and only I can answer; “Where are the bathrooms?” … As you can see, the doors are clearly marked in a way only appropriate for unbounded creative folks. Little surprises like this are all over the Emma grounds.


It is amazing what you can do with a box cutter and a section of birch tree (they were all over the place – birch trees that is.)


If you wanted to create a team to make something the opportunities were all over the place. In the next few images you will see the very beginnings of a bench being formed with a chain saw…


Whacking the waste…

Of course this goes twice as fast with a little help…

The entire week I marveled at the capabilities of the human spirit and our hands…


On the bus ride to the grounds we were all given a primer on coexisting with black bears. I took this upon myself to do some serious research on bear bathrooms and I found myself wandering in the woods and discovered this tree…
Bear Country

As mentioned in the first installment, the images will all come together in the episode 6.


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  1. So, is the next BCTW tool a chainsaw? This looks like so much fun (except for the mosquitoes). I’m looking forward to all of this coming together in subsequent posts!

  2. well, i’ll give it a go and help you narrow down the choices between the sexes:

    since princess leia didn’t wield a light saber, that leaves one only to guess the door with the laser light seeming to emanate from the figure’s junk area is the men’s outhouse.

    especially practical that it has a door given the primer on black bears in the woods, and we all know that bears do in fact do it in the woods.

  3. Well, it finally makes sense; Peter had told me he was hired to model for a restroom sign company and I thought why do they need a model for those straight legged round headed pictographs on just about every restroom in the country.

    Sounds like a great learning and inspirational week. Looking forward to the remaining “episodes.”

    Now, on to business: I see your making another run of the CS-2. I already have one, so why not make a limited edition in stainless or maybe champagne and black so I can buy another?


  4. Well, becausing making this in stainless or whatever metal would be EVIL. Don’t you read the forums? BCTW is EVIL!!!


  5. I like the way you’re thinking, Rutager. I was wondering the same thing: how will Rutager justify getting another CS-2? Stainless. Now we’re talking.

    Not that I need another CS-2…

  6. Peter,

    The man makes it so difficult for me to give him my money. Heck, I bet if he dabbed some whiteout on one of the ends, raised the price and told me it was a special edition, I would buy two!

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