Inspiration is Everywhere: This Video is Fascinating!

Dear Drive Starved Nation:

Inspiration is Everywhere..

I just discovered this video and thought it worth sharing. It’s about making. So don’t freak out when you don’t see any wood.

There is another version where he makes a similar project from wood, but it’s nowhere near as interesting as what he does here. It is particularly fascinating how he uses a three jawed chuck and the proper geometry to make a cube on a metal lathe. This is a perfect example of how math can be taught using a real, mind bending idea. I hope you like it-


PS: His choice of music had me reaching for the mute key.


Inspiration is Everywhere – And how thankful we all are for it to be there!!

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  1. That was very fun indeed! I was wondering how he would stabilize the inner blocks for the final cutting – very clever. Makes me want to get a metal lathe to play with!

    So many places to screw up in making that. Forgetting which ring you’re on, or which cutter is in the head. I guess after a few years you develop a system to minimize those sorts of mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    — Peter

  2. Hi John,
    Have we agreed upon the secret DSN handshake for Thursday evening in the North End?


  3. No, but I suspect those that are putting tools into their briefcases are DSN members.

    I look forward to seeing everybody!


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