Gyro Air Mea Culpa, Questions and Answers…

Drivel Starved Nation! Yesterday we did an email blast for the Gyro Air which I reviewed in a previous post. This morning I received an email from China and my initial reaction was “Oh shit!” In our email blast, it mentioned that the Gyro Air was invented by two bright Korean engineers. We misspoke and that is not accurate. The concept of the air separation technology was presented to Harvey by a Korean engineer. As presented, the initial concept was not for wood dust collection (I believe it was for the textile industry). The final structure design, technology integration, principle verification, performance optimization, the 16 prototypes, the industrial design, liability experiments and verification over the past six years and of course the several million dollars of expenses were all incurred by the management/engineering teams and staff of Harvey. It is truly their “baby”. As a fellow inventor, I completely understand the discomfort when your invention is described inaccurately in another forum. I apologize for our mistake. I will continue to update this post as questions and answers emerge. Here is what we know; Q. Will the Gyro Air work on 220-240 50hz? A. Yes Q. The filtration specs are a bit vague. I see percentages and note a 5 micron filter, but HEPA dictates 0.3 micron filtration. Should I assume the unit isn’t HEPA? A. Correct, the Gyro Air does not have a HEPA filter. As mentioned, certified laboratory results in China state that the outflow of the Gyro Air is less than .3 micron without a filter. Q. I move around a lot (in the military). Will the warranty be honored outside of the States? A. The answer is “maybe”. You will need to be in a country with a Gyro distributorship. That said, we may be able to get an exception if you can proactively let us know where you are headed. That said, the Gyro is HEAVY. FYI. Q. Does the Gyro come with a remote? A. No. But for some shops this is an excellent idea. (I have forwarded this question to the factory since it was asked multiple times.) Q. How many people would it take to get this in my basement shop? A. I would seriously ask a professional mover to move it down stairs. If that is not an option, 4 college football players and some beer. Q. There seems to be some confusion on your website – what EXACTLY is the length of the warranty? A. Two years. We will correct our errors. Q. How many machines will the Gyro collect? A. Likely all of them but not at once. The efficiency of any dust collector is impacted by friction. The longer your runs, the less efficient the air flow. We can successfully collect two 6″ industrial belt sanders that are about six feet away from the unit, and I have not tested opening the blast gates on our other two machines because my health concerns require minimizing my exposure to air born particulate. All that said, I think it would be a mistake to think of this as a centralized system without blast gates on each machine. I also think it is fair to say it will collect two machines simultaneously depending of course of the run length. Lastly, try to minimize collapsible hose, this stuff eats airflow. Q. I only have one 220 volt outlet in my shop – is there any chance Harvey will make a 110 volt option? A. I don’t know but I have passed on the question to Harvey and when I get a response, I will update this answer. Q. This is a large footprint for a small shop – any chance Harvey will make a smaller version or a vertical version? A. I don’t know, but the question has been forwarded to Harvey. Will update when appropriate. Q. Any independent reviews out there other than yours? A. Will post links as they come in. Bridge City is an early adopter, the unit has only been for sale world wide for less than 6 months. I believe the unit I received in July was the first in the U.S. All that said, we are staking our 33 year reputation on this machine by offering it to the Drivel Starved Nation! Q. 1100 CFM is fine for most dedicated applications, but it maybe somewhat modest for certain machines such as a planner or a drum sander. Any thoughts? Do they offer a unit with greater capacity? A. I don’t think you will have any problem collecting an 18″ planer or a drum sander — if they have a properly designed hood. I use to have a 24″ Newman Whitney planer that could take a 1/4″ pass on 24″ wide butcher block and I would not purchase the Gyro for this application. The Gyro Air collects our 12″ planer with a dialed down airflow to reduce the noise just fine. As for the bigger unit, I saw a prototype in Nanjing last October in the Harvey skunk lab, so I can say that it is in the works, when I do not know. Q. Thank you for the comprehensive update. I would not let 4 people carry a 450 lb item up or down narrow stairs. Sliding on a board, with ropes and/or a winch, is much safer for both the porters and the item. Is there anything like a winch or hoist attachment on the item? A. Great point, and thanks for sharing it. First, you take out the dust bins. There are four heavy duty eye bolts on the top of the machine that can be use in moving. The handle on the machine is only for moving it while on wheels, it will break if used for vertical lifting. As mentioned, I would use a professional moving firm for getting the Gyro into a basement shop. That’s it as of this writing. If you have a question, ask in the comment section and I will update this post. At some point, we will move all the questions to the Gyro Air forum in our forum section. -John

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  1. Thank you for the comprehensive update.

    Fwiw, I would not let 4 people carry a 450 lb item (iirc, the gross wt is higher) up or down narrow stairs. Sliding on a board, with ropes and/or a winch, is much safer for both the porters and the item.

    Is there anything like a winch or hoist attachment on the item?


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