New Year, New Tool from Bridge City Tool Works…

Drivel Starved Nation!

This little journey called Bridge City Tool Works is now in its thirty-fifth year. Some call this amazing. I call it too stupid to quit!

Going out of business 35 years in a row is not easy. However you see it, we thank you and look forward to going out of business again this year– with your help of course.

Before I share our first new tool offering of 2018, I thought you might enjoy this Christmas story…

I was asked to be Santa for a kids party. Why? Probably because I haven’t been to a gym since Eisenhower died. The rented Santa suit included lots of extra padding, as in Sumo Santa padding. The boots were black, the horned rimmed glasses fake, the custodial mop of a beard was odoriferous, and the white gloves 2 sizes too small–.an imaginary jury watched me struggle to put them on. The whole thing was hot as hell.

And, it has been at least three weeks since I last wore makeup.

Since several of these kids knew me (despite rumors you may have heard, I am actually fun after a couple of beers) I had to disguise my voice. It was the same voice I use when faking an illness, only with an over-the-counter dose of joviality.

I sat down in a chair next to a fake silver Christmas tree when the first little boy climbed up on to my lap. I believe he was 5.

LITTLE BOY: “Does Santa ever get boogers?”

ME: “No”


If there is a moral to this story I don’t know what it is.

We have lots of news brewing for 2018 that I will leak here, in this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog when the urge to leak comes upon me.

In the interim, here is a pic of our newest offering;
Countersink Works 700

These are single flute countersinks and if you have never used one, they are a revelation. Absolutely ZERO chatter. And, we haven’t made these in fifteen or so years. We actually wore out our shop version, and with no replacement in sight, well, we have the need, and hopefully you do too.

Why 5 you ask? Well, you don’t have to buy them all (if you don’t we will probably go out of business again). But there is a reason, flat head screws sold in America typically feature an 82 degree head. Hence the 82 degree countersink.

Metric flat head screws feature a 90 degree countersink. In addition, we really like the 90 degree countersink for creating symmetric chamfers on holes. Hence the 90 degree countersink.

The 60 degree countersink is used when you want to guide a drill into a hole without drift. It can be used on the tail stock on a lathe or in a drill press prior to drilling a larger hole that is supposed to follow a smaller pilot hole – a 60 degree countersink really helps here.

The 82 and 90 degree countersinks come in two sizes. Why you ask? We recommend that you use the smaller ones for deburring and cutting countersinks in metals and for countersinks in small wooden holes. Reserve the larger ones for the larger wood projects like furniture, workbenches and other applications where you are flush setting large flat head screws or need large, clean chamfers. There is nothing worse than a large counter sink where the bottom half is chewed up and the top… not so much.

These are all precision ground, hardened tool steel and you will not find a more reliable and fun tool to use. Full details will be released soon when the pre-order window opens.

Lastly, watch your email box. We are having another hardware clearance sale real soon. (The last one crashed our server, overcharged our customers almost a quarter million dollars, and caused our IT firm to quit on the spot. Fun yes/no?)

I would leak more but right now an uncontrollable urge to blow my nose has come upon me…


5 comments on this post:

  1. Thank you for sharing that wonderful, enriching Christmas story with us, John!

    Happy New Year to you John, Bridge City Toolworks, and your wonderful team. I hope that this, your 35th year of going out of business, is your best year yet.

    Those countersinks look great. Will they have any flats on the shaft to help them not rotate in the chuck?

  2. Who doesn’t like a good booger story, especially during the holiday season?

    Nice countersinks, very handy tools and always nice to have choices when being creative or solving a problem.

    The last hardware sale was probably the best thing that ever happened to my life up until this one- can’t wait to see what else you found in the warehouse.


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