I just figured out what I haven’t been doing…

…and that is posting blog entries.  But I have a good excuse (I learned that line as a teacher. OK, I used it as a student one or two…dozen times too).

I have been working on Commemorative Tool #15 for the past couple of months and have been completely absorbed with my muse. Obviously I am done or I would not be typing away at the moment.

A couple of associates have peeked and each asked what prompted the conception of this new tool. A better query might have centered around why I am always late with the Commemorative Tools (this one is for 2007).

Blame it on Alfred Dunhill.

Although I have never smoked, Alfred Dunhill’s maxim is the the only guiding light I use when designing our Commemorative Tools–and most of our other tools as well. You may find value in it as well;

“It must be useful. It must work dependably. It must be beautiful. It must last. It must be the best of its kind.”

This quote is a brutal taskmaster–and the best of its kind.


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