Nobody Has Ever Seen Wood Like This…

Last week I shared our latest Jointmaker Pro discovery; Squiggle Wood. Check out one afternoon’s experiments–wood is just not supposed to act this way. By the way, this is European beech. Oak and ash work too.

It’s hard to imagine woodworking being more fun…let me know your thoughts!


YouTube Link:

YouTube Link:

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  1. Another great example of the new doors of creativity that the JMP uniquely opens up. The audio on this had me laughing with the marble madness… can just sense the fun that creating with this tool yields. The one thing I know is that my first cuts on this saw will be for the purpose of making some squiggle wood… I mean, who can resist squiggle wood???

    As I await the JMP I’m trying hard to resist buying another tool… Seeing the HP6v2 in action in this video did not help that matter.

    Thanks again for another inspiring video.

  2. John – when making the cuts, did you set the spacing by eye, or are they marked? I can’t tell from the video.

    I could forsee an Incra-jig type attachment for the JMP in the future for setting the precise spacing for making decorative cuts.

    I, too will be making squiggle wood on my first cuts!

  3. If you look at the video closely, you can see several cuts in the sacrificial fence. One cut is the actual kerf at the present setting, offset to the right is another cut and this cut is used to align the kerf in the squiggle wood when flipped. Using this method, one can space cuts at any distance rather accurately by eye. I don’t think there is a faster way.

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