Sneak Peek at Two New HP6v2 Kits….

The video below shows our new surface cove kits (should be available next week). Auto orders have been shipped.

This profile is really interesting. Not only does it do what it is designed to do, which is create a surface profile wherever you choose, but when used in conjunction with the miter fence, it is also a small rabbet plane, and creates two unique molding profiles depending on when you stop cutting. (We included a stop motion clip to illustrates how this works.) This profile would make cool tambours and adds a rich detail to a myriad of projects. It also cannot be replicated with a router. Check your inbox next week for the introductory special.

We finished shooting video of our next “Silent Woodworking” invention and I think you will find this to be an amazing new tool. Hopefully we will have pricing done next week as well.

And, I just finished the design of Commemorative Tool #16!

I think I need a break…


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  1. This is a nice addition, is there any chance you’re going to even make a profile just like this without the rabbet sections? In other words just a cove by itself?

  2. We have a corner cove in four sizes, but no plans at the moment for a surface cove. HOWEVER, if you have one of the corner cove kits, you can run the iron deep for surface coves–I just tried it and it works well. You need “plane friendly” grain and light passes.


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