The Newest Tool from Bridge City Tool Works

After the JMP went into production about 9 months ago, I set my sights on the next silent woodworking tool. My goal was to create a tool that would allow users to do gallery quality work with as little effort as possible.

Some of the things you are about to see you likely have never seen before. Actually, neither have we.

As always, your comments are welcome.

–John Economaki

PS: This may not be up on our website yet, but the DJ-1 is a “make to order” item requiring a deposit. Cutoff for ordering is May 20 and delivery will be 6-8 weeks later depending on volume. Afterwards, we will begin a new wait-list similar to the one now accruing for the second run of the Jointmaker Pro.

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  1. John,

    Well, you did it again, you solved a problem I had. About a year ago I drew a “nested” set of dowels in my sketch book, but never tried to make them because, as you know, drilling down the center of a dowel isn’t easy. I even thought about putting a dowel in a square block and then centering it on the lathe and turning down the block, to get it centered, way too much work! So now I figure I can make some custom contrasting dowels with my Lie-Nielsen dowel plate, and drill the first one, then stuff the next size in and so on.

    Thanks, Rutager

  2. Rutager-

    Yup–it will do that and more. We had to cut the video short because of the video length. More to follow.


  3. John –

    Can you clarify – the retail price is 244.50 so a deposit is half this amount for the works version? Or the 244.50 is half the total price? The site is not clear on this.

    Great tool!

    thanks –


  4. Neil;

    Our website has serious limitations. The sale price for Founder’s Circle members which includes everything is $389.00. We are really working hard to fix the website and we will not get there before this offer is over. Rest assured, we will get there. I apologize to everyone regarding the confusion.


  5. Neil;

    My previous post was correct, so the deposit is 1/2 of 389.00 (FC). One of the issues with the website is that it charges shipping on the first payment–and it was the same with our old website. It will get fixed by Sept. —


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