The Jointmaker Pro v2, the NEW Jointmaker SW and More…

Sometime tomorrow or Friday (Nov. 20th) we will update our website to accept pre-orders for the new JMP v2 and the new Jointmaker SW.  In addition, we will also be able to take orders on upgrade kits (JMP to JMP v2) for existing JMP owners. Here’s a little behind the scenes info…

The original design criteria of the JMP was to create a tool that was capable of gallery quality cuts without dust collection, and with so little noise one could listen to music. And the original JMP could do this and more. However, no product is perfect and no designer/engineer can rest until all little details are addressed…

The original JMP linear motion tables used sliding dovetails and one aspect of sliding dovetails are the incredibly tight tolerances–the parts are expensive to make and the sliders need lubrication. In addition, the sliders were ever so slightly hygroscopic which means combined with tight tolerances, the tables needed to be adjusted with humidity swings. The JMP v2 addresses these areas.

The Jointmaker Pro v2 is identical to the JMP in every way with the exception of the linear table design–the JMP v2 features a recirculating linear bearing system (the bearings follow a closed loop). They do not need adjustment (factory assembled) and they do not require lubrication. The main advantage is they are easier to use (much less friction) at the expense of a bit more noise.  The bearings are acetyl which are much quieter than steel bearings–we are thrilled with the results. This version feels effortless and is easily used with one hand working the tables.

About the upgrade kits: They will cost $395 (delivered) and include new rails, adapter plates, tables, and fences. They fasten perfectly to all existing JMP’s. Installation involves removing the screws that hold the original dovetail rails in place, lift out the old rail system and replace with the new–a ten minute chore.  Add another ten minutes to align the two new tables planer with each other.  We will post a detailed video of this process on the JMP forum on our website.

I would like to add that NOBODY needs to upgrade–the cuts and results are identical on both versions. That said, we are only going to make this upgrade kit available once.

The JMP v2 will retail for $1295 and we are forecasting delivery in April, 2010.  The inclined stand (a great accessory) will remain $195.

The JMP SW (Single Wing) is big news. Rather than utilizing two sliding tables that are bridged (for most cuts), this saw works similar to most sliding table saws–there is one sliding table and one static table.

The JMP SW blade will tilt 45 degrees in one direction, and 15 degrees in the other (for dovetail work).  It will make all the cuts of the JMP and the JMP v2. The difference is in the jigging–edge miters for example, can only be cut accurately with the long face down.  And there is a bit more thought for some cuts where the falloff needs to be supported. The video we are going to release should address most of these cuts. The JMP SW has the exact same cutting capacity of the JMP but occupies a smaller footprint.

We are targeting the JMP SW for $795 delivered (unassembled). The accessory stand is DIFFERENT than the JMP but will be available for $195. All will be delivered next April.

My candid impressions comparing the two versions? Thanks for asking–having lived and breathed with this device over the past three years, I really like the JMP v2 for all the obvious reasons, not the least of which it carries our “Pro” designation (less jigging hassles, better opportunities for sub-tables). However, for the casual user, the JMP SW is clearly 90% of the JMP v2 and $500 bucks less expensive. I suspect we will sell 3-4 JMP SW’s for each JMP v2. Both do gallery quality joint cuts (ZERO chisel paring or router plane work). The blades are the same.

That’s all for now–if you have questions or comments, feel free to ask them here but we would prefer you use the JMP forum for the benefit of those who don’t follow my incredibly hilarious blog.



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  1. John, you’ve gotta stop putting actual dates in your posts! People will hold you to them. Or at least change the year, so that you can claim you’re ahead of schedule!

    – Peter

  2. .
    perhaps along with changing from brass to black chrommme,
    it’s time to change from a PC to I dare say ……….a Mac?


  3. I had been struggling with “PC”. I kept thinking Porter Cable, and was wondering whether there was a loss of fingers or something. Apparently it was worse. A loss of data…

    Gotta go with Roger on the Mac. Beautiful engineering. And they work. Maybe you could get together with the Apple guys and bring out a Bridge City Toolworks special edition MacBook. Black chroooome!

    – Peter

  4. Another Mac Addict checking in–once you go Mac, you’ll never go back. I’ve had five models of each, PC’s and Macs. Every one of the PCs has failed, usually early in their life. We had the first Mac failure in 13 years just two months ago–a failed hard drive on a six year old MacBook. I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to seriously consider Macs taking into account your attitude toward the price/quality ratio. You won’t be sorry for going the Mac route. Ask the Mac owner/users in your CAD class at MASW.

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