New-Jointmaker SW Video

For all of you who are till suffering from the sleepy after-effects of tryptophan, here’s a little movie of the new Jointmaker SW (single wing for inquiring minds).

We will fill you in with all the details next Tuesday.

And I promise the new Jointmaker Pro v2, the Pro v2 Upgrade Kit and the Jointmaker SW will all be available for pre-sale ordering next week–or my name is Herman Sir Fransky.


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  1. Hi Herman,

    Looks to be another winner! I’ll also post this question on the Forum, in your testing of the single wing versions did you find any tasks that you thought worked better with having a full length fixed table and if so could the table be retrofitted to the JMP?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Rutager

  2. Rutager;

    I can think of no advantages of the single wing over the pro other than cost and simplicity (which to many is a big deal). The JMP with the new rails is awesome (more efficient, no lube). The JM-SW will do most everything the JMP will do but not as easily.

    We are going to send some sample rails down to Roger Savatteri next week and I am sure a tome will be forth coming..


  3. See, if you’d sent the rails (and a JM-SW or PRO to go with them) down to me, you’d have a tome first coming…

    – Peter

  4. .

    tome, (tōm)

    A tome is a large book, especially one volume of a multi-volume scholarly work.
    (……from Wikipedia)

    ,,,,,,,hmmm, so if this is going to inspire a volume two review, that leaves me wonder about the contents of volume three. (12-14 months down the line)
    We’ll have JMP-SW, a JMP-PRO, that would only leave a JMP-Super-PRO!

    Ps. Peter- according to your driving abilities, your only about hour and a bit from my studio.

  5. Peter,

    We didn’t want to ruin the suprise, but we think Fred bought one for you as a holiday gift. Act real suprised when you open it so he doesn’t know we told you!


  6. Surprise would be an understatement if a JMP or JMSW appeared at my door. Heck – I’ll write a review even if Fred gets it for me! Deal? I know lots of big words…

    So what are you suggesting, Roger? Now that I know where your studio is, I should come by and steal your JM-SW? And then write a review…?

    – Peter

  7. .

    Actually, If I understand it right – John & Mike are sending me the new bearing rails for review (which would then be inserted into my JMP) …….which is the heart of the updated JMP edition.

    Which is BOLTED to my mft.

    Kidding ASIDE, my suggestion was that you and perhaps John (R) come on by while I have it for a JMP- (Upgrade) round-up.

  8. Sounds great, Roger. So I have to steal your MFT and your JMP (with new sliders)? I’ll have to borrow John’s truck.

    It sounds like a date. John can bring his new Marcou, and we can make some smooth lumber. I’d still like to see how well it makes pasta…

    – Peter

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