“The Force” Behind the Jointmaker Pro!

This weekend Michael and I attended Maker Faire in Portland. What a blast that thing is. I am going to the big Kahuna next year in San Francisco, it is that cool. I think it should be a DSN field trip of epic proportions. And I can tell you this, this was way more fun than any woodworking show I have ever attended. Virtually every single booth had something in it that was of interest to me. Way cool.

We had visitors and I captured the moment forever;

The poor sap across from us said something unsavory to the Federation. Goodbye Mr. Smarty Pants…
photo 1

After that dude was vaporized, I caught this image of confidence…

This is the best “Thumbs Up” for the JMP we have ever received.
photo 2

This guy is not really into eye contact…
photo 3

Check out the scary guy on the right…
photo 4

Seriously, we will organize a DSN field trip next Spring to SF! I have never seen so many people having so much fun.


“The Force” Behind the Jointmaker Pro!   

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  1. I’d be down for hosting a Par Tay at the studio if the SF thing happens.
    I volunteered at the SF Maker Faire a few years ago. Twas a blast.

  2. John,
    I didn’t realize that having your customers dress up as Star Wars characters is all it takes for a successful show. Next show, I’ll dress up as Princess Leia; don’t have much hair on top, although I should be able to grow the sides out enough to put them up in to a “cinnamon bun” shape. You’re welcome.


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