New Habits Sometimes Are not Good Habits…

Drivel Starved Nation!

I just returned from my annual teaching gig at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking – two solid weeks on the Jointmaker Pro. Week one students built their version of my “Fog of War”. Week two you ask? Well… I will share the intimate details in July when I receive pics of what everybody started. I also informed Marc that I will not return as I am hanging up my teaching hat for good. Moving forward, if I feel I have anything to contribute to the community I will post here in the totally awesome and worthless blog.

One of the things that surprised me is how many folks had JMP’s that were not tuned correctly. We spend half a day getting their saws in prime working condition and oh boy, how much more fun that tool is when it works like… mine!

I read somewhere that all one has to do to create a new habit is repeat the behavior for 30-60 days. But what if the habits are unintended? I have posted so little this year I am in the habit of not posting – not good for the drivel thirsty. I will try to get back to my old ways ASAP.

Today I received the last of the components for the CT-18 and I was able to assemble one and it was awesome. Tomorrow all the parts leave here for either anodizing or bead blasting. The other manufacturing issue we have been chasing is the grinding of the soles. Before I left for Indiana I redesigned the grinding fixture and this Monday it was tested. Works perfectly so over the next 3 weeks we will get all these bodies ground.

Other tool news; all of the JMP parts are schedule to arrive here on June 23. Then they go to anodizing and laser etching. We are looking at late July for both the JMP and the Precision Fences. As mentioned earlier, we had a major delay (almost 4 months) on one component due to a nationwide shortage. (Believe it or not, the economy is heating up and this is pressing suppliers who have kept inventory low due to the recession).

The stainless HP6-FX bodies were delivered today and they are off for bead blast tomorrow, should have them back in 2 weeks, all the other parts are done.

The SP-26 Sliding Parallel components are all at anodizing, and should be done in 2 weeks.

The TS-1v2 in aluminum and stainless will be done in July. I pulled the purchase order from a vendor who could not get to the job.

All of the HP6 kits are completely done and sitting in our warehouse. Our software does not allow partial shipments so those will all go out when the stainless steel FX bodies are done.

Should be a fun summer for those of you patiently waiting.

More news to come!



PS: Just learned that my 31 year old baby girl is going to be a new Mom. Looks like that makes me a pending…. can’t say it!

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  1. Congratulations, pending spoiler of a small child and proud father of a mother! 🙂

    Any guidance as to what needed to be tuned up on your students’ JMP’s?
    If their JMP’s required adjustment, I suspect some of ours may benefit from similar treatment.


    – John Sasinowski

  2. Great to hear from you, John! I can hardly wait to see the CT-18. I’m saving up projects especially for it! In the meantime, I’m sure enjoying my HP6-FX. That’s one sweet plane!

    So you’re getting out of trade shows and teaching?!? When will we ever see you? What will you do with your time? Change diapers?

    — Peter

  3. Actually, doing a refresher on how to tune the saw is a great idea. I will do that after we get done with the JMP run. – John

  4. Darnit. Was otherwise obliged during the MASW sessions again. 🙁 You might never see my slightly less floppy form factor. 🙂 And WIA is getting a bit thin in exhibitors to justify the travel.

    Is there any chance of BCTW releasing some form of instruction for the JMP (besides tuning) in another form? I’d love a book, but even vids would be awesome. I must say I haven’t scratched the surface of capability (I can crosscut–yay!). We hacks, posers, and/or neophytes could really use a bit more guidance and suggestion.

    Best, Dave

  5. Dave,

    I do want to do a video – I just need to get it scheduled and the next 3 months here are going to be insanely busy.



  6. John–I forgot to say congratulations. Congratulations! Here’s a ceegar, “Gramps”!

    I hope you do release an instructional video. Besides giving us peeps across the country a chance to see you without going to PDX, I think a visual reference on the basics of operation and adjustment would be a sales tool for the doubting.

    Best, Dave

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