A New Tool That You May REALLY Like…

Drivel Starved Nation-

Today I received a small package that I forgot I ordered (an alarmingly frequent occurrence). Inside was this;


Apparently this tool has been around a couple of years but I just learned about it. All I can say is I wish I had thought of this! Works fantastic.

Not only does it look really cool, I wish my fingers looked that good…

Consider this an FYI blog post. I would write more but my nails are now so short it hurts to type. You can read more about Khlip products here.



A New Tool That You May REALLY Like

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  1. That’s really sweet! Gonna order a couple – they’ll make odd but useful birthday presents.

    I could totally see you inventing it. There must be dozens of familiar products like that just begging for re-imagining.

    That would be a really fun class…

    — Peter

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