Bridge City 2016 Fab 50 Tool Announced…

Drivel Starved Nation!

This week I head back to China to attend a trade show featuring the Chopstick Master and while I am there we will be developing version 2.  I am looking forward to this trip, my fourth to China in the past 12 months.

For the last several years, we have produced a “Fab 50” tool. We only make 50 and we know they are not for everybody, but it is a cool project here.

We introduced copper in last years version and will do so again this year. (It is lacquered so it won’t turn green).  The combination of stainless, brass and copper makes for a really cool looking tool. Here was the 2015 offering;

SE 2015 700 x 700

Here is a sneak peek of the 2016 Fab 50 tool which will be announced in the next couple of weeks. This is a double dovetailed stainless sole/brass sides version of the CT-18 Dual Angle Smoother.

SE2016 Render 700


Here is the mechanism open:

SE2016 Open 700

Lastly, here is close up of the blade retention system;

SE2016 Top View 700

And when I get back, we have several other new tools that we will release for pre-order in addition to a host of new profiles for the HP-10 Convertible Plane. (The dado kits are in production and are about 6-8 weeks out).

That’s all for now, gotta pack!

-Your Tool Potentate



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  1. John,

    Just curious, how long of a plane trip is it and do you go non-stop from PDX?

    Sweet looking plane, I’ve been really enjoying my CT-18; it has proven to be very useful in trueing up a table base.

    One suggestion- copper or brass knob instead of black- just seems to overpower the front. What will the skids look like?

    Have a great trip, looking forward to seeing the changes on CSM V2.


  2. John,

    After looking and thinking: you ever thought about making the sides copper too? The only functional issue that comes to my mind is that if you used it on its side for “shooting,” the lacquer would wear off and maybe the copper would too?

  3. John:

    I was wondering if you ever learned why your Chinese partner company called itself “Harvey.”

  4. I do in a way…

    The letter “H” is the first letter of the Harvey founder’s last name. The Chinese character means “Big Wave”. The rest is still muddy to me, but I did ask.


  5. John, thank you for asking. On the subject of the post, I’m actively marketing a kidney in hopes of affording one. 😛


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