The Best Deal from Bridge City Tool Works in 33 Years!

Drivel Starved Nation,

As always, you are the first to learn what is happening behind the scenes here at BCTW via this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog!

I have great news to share regarding our Chopstick Master. Version 2 of the CSM is going to be announced real soon and the details are below. But first, a pic;

CSMv2 Complete 700

Version 2 differs significantly from version 1 — we eliminated the sliding table and saw blade which dramatically reduces the cost.  As most of you now know, the diamond finial was made by sawing the four facets.

A new invention—the pivoting depth sled— allows the facets of the diamond to be made with the included HP-8A Mini Block Plane. The shearing cut creates better facets, as in perfect, and the whole process is much easier, and much more friendly for kids.  Here it is in action;

Here is all that is included in the Chopstick Master version 2 kit;

Before I tell you what the deal is, I am sharing that we have sold thousands of the HP-8 mini-block plane with dual depth skids for $249. It is one of our most popular planes.

We believe that version 2 of the Chopstick Master is one of the best gift ideas we have ever produced, and we hope you agree because at $195, this is the best deal in our history. (Sorry, no Founder’s Circle discount on top of this special offer).

If you agree that we have really made your holiday gift giving an easy decision you will like this; if you order 2 CSMs, the price is $185 each. Three or more you ask? $175 each.

A complete list of the available accessories will be announced if you are on our email list.  All CSMs from our pre-order window will be shipped in September.  We will open up the pre-order window this week.

Lastly, I am pleased to shared that Marc Adams will be offering the CSM to all of his students at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking as a fund raiser in 2017 and all proceeds will go to the Roger Cliffe Memorial Fund, a scholarship fund for those in need to help their woodworking skill building. How cool is that?

So there ya go, all that cool stuff for under $200.




5 comments on this post:

  1. John,

    Super cool- still not going to eat sushi, but I will order one of them. Of course I got questions, I always have questions: does the swivel skid get used for the whole process or just the finial and when are the “lost” tools going on the auction block?


  2. So John, this has been bugging me for awhile- one of several simple and unimportant things that I spend excessive time and brain power contemplating. Are the fabric chopstick bags gender specific by color? The other issue in my life is where are all the forks going to from the employee lunchroom at my job?- not your area of expertise, but maybe you have some insight?

  3. The logic behind the colors on the canvas bags is for couples to identify THEIR chopsticks. The Blue/Red can be can gender related, and the art, and the colors have significant meaning to the Chinese, but I don’t remember what it is.

    Disappearing forks? Door stops maybe?

  4. John,

    I suspect that they might be smuggling the forks out of the lunchroom to dig out of their cubicles to freedom, but so far I haven’t found any concrete dust.

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