Woodshop Field Trip… John’s Excellent July 4th Weekend! Part 1

Drivel Starved Nation-

Here are a bunch of photo clues for you. Guess where I went and you will win…. NOTHING!



Maple seed


clamps 700


Gate counterweitht0

The last image is a dead give away if you have been where I went. As soon as someone guesses where I went, I will post the rest of the where I went stuff! AND, if you happen to know where I went because I told you…ZIP IT please!

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  1. Let’s see, you’re based in Oregon, which doesn’t help me out at all. The last picture reminds me of rudders on the back end of a boat, so that’s where you went: to a boat building shop. The picture of the blue “handles” are actually weights to hold the narrow piece of wood to trace lines of boats for offset drawings. There’s a technical term for those, I just can’t remember what it is. The curved pièces of cherry stacked up are the rough rudders waiting final shaping. I have no clue to where you went; I’m just throwing that out there. It looks pretty interesting, where ever it is.

  2. I sure hope this isn’t the first “F” in your life! But wait! You made an effort! Automatic “D”! But wait! You were the first to respond! Automatic “C”! But wait! You were wrong! …. Still thinking about “Soylent Green” …. Do the math!

  3. Oh and hey, thought you were going to be putting up three items a week on eBay? You know it’s driving me crazy waiting for all the sweet treasure to be released.

  4. New Hope and Bucks County are beautiful. I once met Mira Nakashima standing outside Moderne in Old City Philadelphia (I hope you made it in…). I knew Pennsylvania felt older and gentile-er in early July.

  5. Bucks County is so close to both Philadelphia and NYC – really cool place.

    Now about these old age insinuations… Your timing is perfect as today is my Medicare birthday and I just got a $600 /month raise by dropping Obamacare. Who said getting old isn’t worth it?

    But keep the clever remarks coming, I deserve them!

  6. The giveaway was the wooden jigsaw creatures. I googled searched for them and discovered their creator and noted that they were sold at Nakashima. A previous post shows you were in New York; not too far from Pennsylvania.
    Ooh, yes and my 172 IQ.

    I guess I’ll just have to buy the Chopstick Master since it’s not a “giveaway.”
    Happy birthday!

  7. $600 buys a lot of Depends!

    Yes it does. But it is not enough… I am going to start a more dependable Kickstarter program for your feeble Tool Potentate.

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