How to Turn Urine into Gold! It’s a Gun Story…

Drivel Starved Nation-

Why did you fall for that stupid headline?  You should be ashamed.

But now that you are here, I have a story for you!

Several weeks ago my wife and I hopped on the train to Seattle to see an art show which is the subject of a future post. When we arrived at our seats, the window for our 3.5 hour trip had been the victim of some idiot with a gun. (See, I am headed somewhere with this metaphoric title!)

My first reaction was to ask the conductor how long the window had been like this, and his reply was “a couple of days”. The other couple were simply livid as the train was sold out. I volunteered to talk to the conductor to see what could be done, because staring out the window is the main reason to ride a train apparently.

He moved everybody but me to the dining car. I wanted to contemplate the future of Bridge City Tool Works—it is not easy running a company that has been going out of business 33 years in a row…

It didn’t take too long before I thought this window was cool looking, so I took out my phone and started taking pictures. About an hour into the trip, a lady asked me why I was taking so many pictures and I showed her the images in my screen. She then proceeded to start taking pictures, and the two of us were just having a great time.

The lady who was so torqued came back to her seat and asked me if I had received any “concessions” for the window. I said,  “no, but look at some of these pics on my phone.”

“You have got to be kidding me! She commented.

She went back to the dining car and got her phone and started taking pictures.   Here is a sampling of what we saw that day…

Window 1700

Window 4700





I was so afraid I was going to miss a cool image I completely ignored the signals I was getting from the three cups of processed coffee in my system…

Yes, I had a toe curling speed walk into the Seattle train station. It was a small inconvenience from the most fun train ride I have ever experienced. I have about 300 fascinating images and that Drivel Starved Nation is pure gold.


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  1. Those are really striking images, John. At first glance I thought you had taken them through a fence. But the reflections off the cracks are just wonderful. Nice work!

  2. Those are cool pictures, especially the reflections in the cracks, as pfranks pointed out. Now here’s my two cents worth: you should figure out how to put that design on some of your planes, on the sidewalls. I think that would look cool!

  3. Another thing: when I read the headline, I thought it was some get rich quick plan that’s found all over the interweb, and then I saw your name. I thought, “Where is this leading?”. It made sense when I read the whole story. Still too bad you can’t turn urine into gold.

  4. Beautiful. I’ve not seen anything like that in years of looking like photographs. Similarly, the visual quality of your tools is unique.

  5. for those of us who are usually on the outside looking in, this is a cool perspective for those of us endlessly trying to understand the workings or our fearless leader’s unusual mind.

    another example of a bedpan half full.

  6. I know the feeling. I love taking photos through when I’m stuck in the car during a deluge, of textures, of details. It’s amazing what treats the world offers up when you’re willing to observe.

  7. Yes Dave I agree, it is much more fun and nourishing (for the brain) to make chicken salad in these situations.

    If I was still making furniture, I would definitely experiment with broken safety glass as a table top from this experience. After all, inspiration is indeed everywhere.

    Lastly, I can’t tell you all how reassuring it is to know that Amtrak windows are bullet resistant. Geez…

  8. I could imagine a safety-glass table top with a hidden strip of LED lights around the edge – the light would make some really interesting patterns in the table top. Or, if you could make some changing pattern underneath the top that would enhance the structure of the cracks by showing them off a bit.

  9. Dave – you KNOW BETTER than to start drinking before 5PM!

    Drivel Starved Nation: We need to do an intervention on Dave to keep his humor in check.

  10. John,

    I see you’ve upped the requirements for DSN members; when I logged in, it prompted me to answer 7+7. Good thing the neighbors were home. Well, I made the cut and am free to comment.

    Very cool pictures, reminds me of the veining in a leaf. Next time our paths cross, I’ll do you a “favor” and shatter your camera lens so all your pictures are this creative- you’re welcome in advance.


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