New Tool Coming from Bridge City! Here’s Clue #1…

Driveled Starved Nation!

Over the past several months I have alluded to a project I began on my work retreat last February. Today is September 21st and it is finished! I’ve been playing with the last physical prototype for about 3 weeks and I am pleased to share that we are going into our pre-production routine next week which includes sourcing and pricing. The pre-order window is still several weeks away.

Before I share our first clue, I am admitting that this project very well may make us the laughing stock of the internet–maybe you too. And if so, I could care less, this thing is so MUCH FUN! Actually, it is so much fun I will give you TWO clues today (isn’t that nice?), one a word and the other an image:

1) “Gesture”

2) Here is a little sub-assembly to keep your brain occupied until the next clue;

See the little red aluminum part? It is 47mm long. And the threaded shaft that is driving it is M6x1.0, Left-hand threads too. From those clues, you can size the rest of the assembly. (We have converted completely to metric here, so don’t read anything into this other than the Imperial measuring system is SO inefficient.)

The subassembly pictured also contains the following (not all are visible);
2 steel washers
1 retaining ring
1 spring washer
1 nylon washer
1 set screw

My only response to your comments will come from this short list;

really warm
What meds you on?
nice try.
Who gave you insider information?

I haven’t decided what the prize is going to be for guessing this invention… maybe a copy of the letter from my patent lawyer questioning my sensibilities…


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  1. How about a yes or no response on the list too?

    Is this tool stand alone, or is it an attachment to the JMP or DJs?

    I am on Lisinopril which in a higher dose can make me dizzy- preemptive strike!

  2. If Peter guesses what it is, can we deduce he did indeed poke around the skunk works even though he promised not to?

  3. Peter knows what it is. He forced me to drink wine and then paid for an incredible dinner in Portland… somehow I spilled the beans by accident.
    That’s the bad news.
    The good news is he can’t guess (AGAIN) what it is!

  4. Based on the picture, I’m guessing it’s a new BCTW Back Scratcher.

    Based on past misdirection/guessing games, it’s just another plane.

    Based on recollections of long-simmering BCTW projects, I’m guessing its part of a Jointmaker Pro ripping jig.

  5. Something to make complex moulding profiles – perhaps “wave” shaped scraped profiles?
    Or it could be a plate with a screw and nice knurled knob?

  6. Following up on the hand powered theme of the JMP, perhaps a hand powered lathe 🙂
    Or a clamping system for squiggle wood

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