Clue # 2 for New Bridge City Thingamajig….

Drivel Starved Nation-

Here’s your second clue to the thing that will make Bridge City the laughing stock of the internet…

If you guessed bent stainless steel wire you are correct! The longer version is about 90mm in length.


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  1. Not sure of the tool purpose yet, but I’m guessing/figuring that the four smaller hooks are for stock under a certain thickness and the longer ones for bigger stock.

  2. Layout device to make sure you get the perfect ratio of oak, purpleheart, maple, paduk, cherry, pine and walnut in your cutting boards!

  3. “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. The Wikipedia article on that quote is kind of interesting.

  4. shot in the dark, an indexing mechanism for creating decorative cuts on of all things, a chopstick. A la Legacy jig.

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