Clue #3 for New Bridge City Gizmo….

Drivel Starved Nation!

Before I share the next clue, I am informing all that we have a winner! NO! You say. Me too! So, why clue 3?

Well, it’s my contest, my rules, and our fun. It’s just too early to stop my ability to insult our customers. I do promise however to share this story and why we are going to have TWO winners for this contest. That’s fair, don’t you think?

Oh, one more thing… both winners will receive this thing whether they want it or not. How cool is that?

OK, now back to the mystery–What you see below is 350mm in overall length. And yes, those are acme threads.


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  1. Okay, so judging by your statement of the laughing stock of the Internet, I’m going to loosely guess that this tool will perform a task that is fairly simple for those that do it often enough to build and maintain the muscle memory. For those of us that only get into our shops infrequently, it will allows us to do accrurate and repeatable work whenever we can “steal” a spare moment.

    Now, to figure out what task that is.

  2. 18 years old? Dude you must be feeling generous today; most of the time I’m lucky to act older than 12.

    Thin strip ripping device?

  3. An Enigma machine to decode news stories coming out of North Korea – you keep adjusting it until something makes sense?

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