New Tool from Bridge City Tool Works Identified!

Drivel Starved Nation!

We have our two winners who identified what I have been working on over the past 7 months. Now watch it make me the laughing stock of the internet.

It’s called Pencil Perfection and here is what you can do with it;

I have some commitments that will keep me out of the office until next Monday, but when I return, I will share the story behind our winners, this project and what it means to me and hopefully you too.


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  1. John,

    Isn’t laughing at you a step up from the folks on the internet being angry at you?

    There’s a joke here somewhere about getting lead into a pencil. Just guessing, but will this tool enable us to place the lead in and then shape the body, or do the blanks come pre filled?

    Looks like fun and now I have a new thing to give out as gifts rather than actually put thought and money into gift giving!


  2. Rutager,

    With the exception of the ferrule, eraser and the lead, everything is built from scratch. It’s a hoot, and it is fun.


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