New Tool from Bridge City… Clue #6

Drivel Starved Nation!

I know, this is hard!

This part is 210mm in length. And, it serves several purposes, one of which is in conjunction with an earlier clue…

For those of you who follow this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog (about 4.2 billion people when I last didn’t check) you know that when we use the color red in our products, there is a reason…


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  1. Interesting product. Isn’t red usually used for stops and reference adjustments?
    The shapes/textures on the sides of some of those pencils are almost reminiscent of some of the profiles on the HP-10

  2. Is that the reference that the blank sits against while you are cutting the groove for the lead? I’m guessing that you slot two blanks and glue them together rather than trying to bore out a hole for the lead?

  3. Correct. The act of making the lead grooves also precisely dimensions the half blank. This keeps the lead centered in the two halves.

  4. Soooo, always has to be one in every bunch and it is usually me, go figure. Just was wondering if you can put the lead in the blank and then turn it into a combo chopstick and pencil?

    Not sure why a person would want to do that, but it popped into my head and I needed to set it free.

  5. “You know when we use red in our products, there is a reason.” Because you asked the anodizer to make it green?

    Waiting on clue #7- I would write you a angry letter demanding it, but I don’t have a pencil.

  6. …now a marker and a comb could be useful- maybe fill in that thinning spot on the top of my head, justblike those late night commercials for that hair colored chunky spray paint- no one will notice from twenty feet away.

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