Sadly, Our 2020 China Field Trip Has Been Canceled…

Drivel Starved Nation;

I am just not very good at delivering bad news, but due to the virus outbreak in China, we have canceled our June excursion.

If you have purchased airfare, I am almost certain you will be able to get a full-refund.

I will do my best to make this happen in 2021, but since I am not getting any younger, I just don’t know how realistic this is. But I will try.

One of my standard core beliefs is that “decisions are easy when values are clear.”  This was an easy decision considering all that we do not know.

Please accept my apology and lets hope this thing reaches a speedy conclusion.


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  1. On a glass-half-full note, this clear-headed decision headed off much agonizing on my part about taking off the time and worrying about food (I might’ve been asking Rutager where the American food was . . . .).

    More seriously, I hope your people in PRC fare well. This is an unpleasant time for so many reasons.

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