Oregon Wild Fires…

Drivel Starved Nation,

For those of you who do not live on the west coast, here is an update from someone who does; your Tool Potentate.

The image below was taken not far from my house on Wednesday at 5PM. There is not a cloud in the sky, what you see is smoke.

Currently (Friday AM), it is worse here. My home is in Zone 1, which means it is time to think about where you would go and what should you take in an evacuation. Zone 2 is pack. Zone 3 is get the hell out. All said, I think we will be OK. I did reach out to my friend Dave Jeske (Blue Spruce Tool Works) and he is much closer to the fires so I worry about him more than us.

Almost 15% of the population of Oregon has been evacuated — that is over half a million people. Stating the obvious lazy metaphor, we are in uncharted, turbulent waters for sure.

For those of you who have been to Oregon, picture this; the smoke plume extends from Washington to California. The entire I-5 corridor is filled with smoke extending all the way to the coast. That is unimaginable to me. The total area burning in the state exceeds the size of New Jersey.

So, what is it really like? This morning I took a shower and my fresh towel smelled liked smoke — and I cannot complain.

Stay safe everybody and be grateful that you have the time to read this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog.

-Still Here.

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  1. Dude,

    Have you packed your “one of everything you have made” for the Smithsonian and sent it east already?

    Absolutely scary how fast the fires have moved.

    Stay safe.


  2. I only visited Portland once for business but have always been in love with the culture whereas I was once a distance runner and Oregon was the hub.

    The scenes before and afterward tear a huge hole in my heart and soul. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you, harms way or otherwise. Not being political at all here, I hope that the needed assistance afterwards will be there. Genuine people will need help in so many ways.

    Peter Halle

  3. The whole west coast has turned into Mordor. It’s astounding. We had ash flakes on our car last weekend here in San Diego, and the sun has been a dim red orb for weeks. The pictures from San Francisco are amazing. I hope you remain safe. It’s hard to imagine how you would prioritize what you would pack if you had to evacuate. All that art. Might be time to invest in a giant fire-proof container to put in your driveway. This is only going to happen more frequently. If only someone had warned us that there would be more fires in the future…

    I’m so glad to hear you’re okay – I hope you and your neighbors remain that way. Scary times.

  4. Been thinking about you and others on the west coast these past few days. Really unimaginable the scope of the fires.

    Appreciated the update. Be safe!

  5. I have friends in San Fansisco and San Diego, The sky is the same for them. They are in a shocked awe of what they are witnessing. My wife & I were visiting in San Fran ding the wine tours and Miur woods walks. I am saddened for what I am seeingi I cannot afford your tools but as a hobbyist of woodworking I can appreciate your craftsmanship. It pains me to know what is happening out in the west. Good luck to you all.
    Ron D.

  6. I just saw a satellite image that shows the ENTIRE west coast engulfed in smoke. Incredible. I am now starting to worry about the health aspects, as we have developed coughs here. Pales in comparison to devastation but likely effecting more old folks like me. The Golden Gate Bridge image is right out of a doomsday movie.

  7. East coast Australia between May 2016 and June 2020 had over 46 million acres burn, 34 lives and over 3500 homes and 10000+ out buildings lost. Smoke can bring on Asthma which was a major problem here. Take care, do what the authorities tell you and be safe.
    I was evacuated from an island near the fires due to ember attack, seeing the fear in the eyes of a 60+ Year old volunteer fire fighter with one fire truck will remain with me.

  8. Houses, possessions, and the beautiful work you have made can all be replaced.
    Hard to imagine the personal loss from this.
    How do you think these fires will affect lumber availablity and prices when this disaster is done?
    Stay aware and keep yourself and family safe.
    Praying for all.

  9. Hopefully you will get some rain and low winds – stay safe!. I’m in the interior of British Columbia right now and am amazed by the amount of smoke coming up here from Washington, Oregon and California – it should be clear and sunny but looks like a San Francisco bay fog bank.

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