Ouch. Yippee!

Life is all about perspective. I dislike putting our tools on sale–this is the “ouch” part of my business life. And the “yippee” part of yours.

One hand saw to seriously consider (particularly since it is on sale–Ouch!/Yippee!) is our JS-7 Combination saw–it is an adjustable back dozuki and an adjustable back rip saw. What makes this saw a joy to use is the adjustable back. In short, it completely prevents accidental overcuts–one of the ugliest repairs in the joinery world. This saw is ridiculously fast–and on sale.

The short clip below shows this unique saw in action–and if you would like to save $50 bucks (I can’t believe I just said that), click here. (This price is good through the end of this week or until this batch is gone.)