All New CS6v2 Combination Square from Bridge City Tool Works

Drivel Starved Nation;

I have been busy, so busy in fact I just remembered that the Drivel Starved Nation needs food  more drivel so here ya go…

On the top of our request list is the CS-12v2 Combination Square and I am pleased to announce that we will open pre-orders in the next week or so. That said, I always wanted to make the 6″ version, so we will piggy back the 6″ and the 12″ runs and make both a brass and stainless steel versions of the 6″ combination square.

Here’s a pic of the two NEW Combination Square side-by-side;
NEW CS-6v2 and CS-12v2 Combination Squares
As you may likely know, we no longer use any rosewood in our products because of the CITES list of endangered woods.(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). That said, we are going to make a brass version of the CS-6v2 Combination Square which can be infilled with any wood you choose. If you have saved your scraps (most woodworkers I know are drowning in scraps) this could be a fun way to utilize a couple of very small pieces of special wood. Here’s a pic of the brass with scrap wood infill, (we will provide all the instructions);
NEW CS-6v2 and CS-12v2 Combination Squares

The CS-12v2 Combination Square is one of my favorite designs, it is plain sexy and way more fun – remember when sexy was fun?
NEW CS-6v2 and CS-12v2 Combination Squares

We had our annual holiday party last weekend in Seattle and I am pleased to share that nobody danced on the tables this year.



We are so excited to see the NEW CS-6v2 and CS-12v2 Combination Square tool creation realization and know that you will love them as much as we do! They are totally practical for application, you can personalize it with your favorite wood, and they are so smooth.

Call now and pre-order, so that you don’t have to wait. As soon as they hit the market you could be getting one for yourself.

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  1. I might have to buy the brass one just so I can inlay some fancy wood into it, these are that slick. How about some ebony into the stainless steel one? That would be sharp, too. Tell me, John, what kind of wood did you use for the square? I’m guessing cocobolo.

  2. John,

    Very nice, those little squares are such a great size and I just happen to have a bunch of Rosewood offcuts from your big warehouse liquidation many years ago.

    Wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t ask a couple questions, now would it? So here goes, is the CS-12v2 the same one that you made several years ago and would the 6″ stainless version look damn sexy with an ebony infill?


  3. john, it’s nice that someone is looking out for rosewood, but who is going to look out for the monkeys when it gets cold enough for them to lose their brass cohones?

  4. john, don’t have the nasty weather that hit you but it is 27 degrees right now so i will be on the lookout for those monkeys here in gravel switch. maybe rutager would be willing to trade some rosewood for some brass balls. oh no, that’s right, i’m supposed to be protecting them.

  5. Another question, John: can I fill in the grooves on the CS-12v2, or is that option just for the smaller square? I might upgrade to the bigger square, much to your delight.

  6. John,
    Are you going to do a brass CS-12v2 as well?
    Total of 4 versions in 6 and 12 or 2 version of 6 and a redo of 12?
    Is it Auto order or I need to Buzz Consuelo?

    Happy new Year.

  7. John: as I recall (always a perilous exercise), the CS-12v2 with the black chrome blems from a few years back shipped with 6 and 12 inch blades/rules. Are the heads different on this 12 and 6?

  8. Belated comment on this blog entry, because I was wondering: would you ever consider bringing back the palm brace and giving it this same treatment (stainless or brass, infillable with your favorite wood)? I think that would be awesome!

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