Two Cool New Tools from Bridge City Tool Works

Drivel Starved Nation!

I am pleased to share with you the proof that I have been sitting on my rear doing nothing something else this year other than making chopsticks!

And since you are here reading this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog, maybe you should send me some proof that you have been in your shop not drinking building stuff….

In 2007, we introduced the CT-15 Multi-Tool which of course is no longer available because of my deep regrets infallible logic to discontinue wildly successful tools. So what to do? Make an aluminum version with a stainless steel blade!

The MT-2 is not exactly like the CT-15, the lock lever/pocket clip is better.  It features a regular saddle square, an 8:1 saddle square, & a 6:1 saddle square. Also, the blade is notched so you can use it as a pry bar marking gauge. The MT-2 is designed to clip to your apron pocket so you carry it with you at all times, including to restaurants, funerals, and your daughter’s wedding – it is that cool!

Here’s a pic or three;

MT2 Open 700


When collapsed it is really compact as you can see below.

MT2 Closed Front 700


Here’s the rear view. Don’t tell me you don’t like rear views…

MT2 Closed Back 700


Another wildly successful tool we discontinued was the MT-1 Multi-Tool so of course this needs to be knocked off in aluminum. As you can see, it is larger but does share the same saddle squares which helps us gouge our customers lower the price on both. Here are a few pics of the MT-1 AL;

MT1 ALOpen 700


The blade has an 8:1 dovetail cutout for laying out dovetails both on square cornered pieces or those with curved sides and it also works as last resort marking gauge…

MT1 AL Front 700


And because you cannot get enough, here is another rear view…

MT1 AL Back 700


We are working unlike people who read this drivel on pricing and you should see the pre-order announcement this week.

– Still Your Favorite Tool Potentate

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  1. Really looking forward to these. At the risk of being greedy – any plans to put the TB-2v2 back into production at the same time (perhaps some shared parts)? To me the MT-2 and TB-2v2 pair would be perfect. Thanks!

  2. I am afraid that we don’t have enough demand to make our minimum run for the TB2v2 since we just made that last year.

    Thanks for the hint however.


  3. These are fantastic tools; the clamping mechanism is unmatched and locks rock solid. I have the originals and they’re cool, sexy and fun.

    I’ve had the pleasure of manning the BCTW booth as a customer demonstrater and the one display tool that almost everyone wanted to buy was the CT-15.

  4. Just got an MT-2 and found this blog entry. Marking gauge? OK I found the notch But I must be an idiot (no comments) because I am not sure how this makes it into a marking gauge. BTW, love the tool with or without the marking capability.

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