The Furniture of Seth Rolland

Drivel Starved Nation!

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of viewing Seth Rolland’s exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum  which is 20 minutes east of Seattle. This field trip turned out to be incredibly interesting, first there was our train ride, then the fascinating work of Rolland, and a major surprise that will appear in my next post.

It’s always nice to follow the progression of a woodworker who sings with a unique voice in this world we call woodworking.  This is a small sample of his exhibition — I hope you enjoy the pics…


Rowland 3

Rowland 6

Rowland 5

Rowland 17

Rowland 4

Rowland 7

Rowland 8

Rowland 19

Rowland 20

Rowland 14

Rowland 16

Rowland 13

Rowland 18

On behalf of all the Drivel Starved Nation, we wish Seth the best and look forward to seeing what is next!


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  1. John:

    “Rolland.” Two Ls, no W. If needed, my editing services are surprisingly reasonable.


  2. I’ve admired Seth’s work since I first saw it in FWW years ago. I’ve seen a few of his pieces in real life – there’s a fan table in the NW Woodworking store in Seattle, as well as a chair, a table with a stone in it, and one of his coatracks. Such imaginative stuff! I’d love to meet him some day.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures, John. It must have been a very inspirational day for you! I’d want to rush right home and bandsaw something!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Seth explain his process and techniques a couple years ago when he did the Fall seminar for our local guild. Great teacher who shared openly many of his “tricks.”


    Didn’t he have a few pieces on exhibit at Bellevue during the time your “Quality is Contagious” was there?

    I should check my photos I took that evening.

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