New Tool from Bridge City Tool Works…

Drivel Starved Nation;

Today I offer you some drivel with some “fresh off the bone” meat — we have a new tool!

Please meet the BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor, it’s really swell Wally! And different too.

bp18v2-main-unit-master-700Before I share all the cool things you can do with this tool I have a trivia question for you.

When was the last time we made the BP-18 Bevel Protractor?

Give up?


This anodized aluminum bevel protractor features an adjustable vernier (adjustable for us during calibration, not for you to mess up) that will allow you to read to 0.1 degrees. In the pic below, the arm is set to what angle?

bp18v2-cursor-40-4-degrees-700Answer: 40.4 degrees.

By now, you are likely wondering what the function is of the two silver holes in the arm… correct?

They are rare earth ring magnets press fit into the arm. And they allow you to do this;
bp18v2-on-miter-gage-700 Yes, you can now directly set your miter gage (3/4″ bar width, we can make custom clamps for other widths) to the BP-18v2. See the two stainless steel grommets in the BP-18v2 face plate? Those function as hanging holes should you so choose, but they also protrude out the back side and act as bumpers AND as a reference stop for the ruler you see which is held in place with three rare earth magnets. This allows you to engage the entire length of your miter gage with the reference angle of the BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor. (The rule we used in this image came out of our combination square. You can use any steel rule in your shop to accomplish this task.)

The arm lock is stronger than that damned Costco packaging and it is elderly/kid friendly. How cool is that?

The BP-18v2 will open for pre-order early next week. And for those of you who have been pestering me about the Angle Master Pro v2, (last run was in 2011 which means the next run is 2021 -2022) it too will go back into production. Here is the introductory video rehash;

Lastly, here is my favorite Joe Felzman image of the Angle Master Pro;

angle-master-and-plane-700Why spend your hard earned money on a precision protractor or an ultra precision tool in the case of the Angle Master Prov2?

Because knowing is so much more fun than guessing.

-Your Favorite Tool Potentate

3 comments on this post:

  1. John,

    Regarding the custom clamp, I have a dovetailed miter bar that is something like an inch or more on the widest end and likely not too many other people would ask for that size. Could you make an adjustable clamp with a reference face and then a clamping mechanism to hold everything tight?

    Cool looking updated version- can you compare and contrast this and the AMP? Are they used together would one have different applications? How about an accuracy comparison?


  2. Rutager,

    First, I don’t think you need this tool, you own the AMPv2.

    As far as the custom clamp, sure, it’s doable, but again, I don’t think you need it.

    The AMPv2 will read down to 30 arcseconds which is 0.008 of a degree. The BP-18 allows the user to “read” in 0.1 degree increments – and it is less than half the price of the AMPv2.

    Yes, the new bevel protractor will clamp to a miter bar which is cool, and yes, you could set the BP18v2 with the AMPv2….

    Quite frankly, I think that is ridiculous.


  3. John,

    I will be buying this tool- stop trying to use logic on me.

    The AMP is freaking awesome though, makes setting saw blades child’s play, well child’s play if you want the County to come take your children, so let’s just say it makes it easy and accurate the first time- no fiddling around.


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