New Scraper Plane from Bridge City Tool Works…

Drivel Starved Nation;

We are pleased to add the HP-14 Scraper Plane to our plane family. Full details will be announced next week, but I wanted to share this image Рthis is a cool tool!  Pictured below is the version with champagne anodized aluminum sides. We will also release for pre-order an all stainless steel version. Both have stainless steel soles.

I did not have a scraper plane in the early days of my furniture making career but added one later. What a mistake. This tool, at times, is the only tool that will deal with crazy grain. It also is a must have tool for veneer work. When used properly, a scraper plane will NEVER tear out wicked grain. You can also use it to smooth out a finish. I will give you the full details next week in this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog!

HP14 Aluminum Sides Scraper Plane w Logo 700

We tried to get this announced prior to Father’s Day but I was not happy with it until this week.

That said, happy Father’s Day to the Drivel Starved Nation Dads and we hope your family decides the only thing you really need besides their joyous love and companionship is well…

… a new scraper plane!


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  1. IIRC last numbered plane was HP-11FW. Skipping ahead again…guessing an aluminum version of the smoother is in there?

  2. Geez! Now you’re a forensic tool expert!!! Yes, HP-12 is “in the can” in BCTW speak, and you guessed correctly – all without any help from Vanna White!

    Did you clear your schedule for China?


  3. John,

    Very nice, will the SS version be the fab 50 for this year and have copper on it too?


  4. So cool! Beautiful lines, as always. I have two scraper planes, but have never managed to get the larger one to behave well. Try again with a new one?

  5. Out of curiosity, what’s the blade width? And thickness? Will you be able to get any curvature to the blade, or is it meant to be perfectly flat?

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