Pencil Precision Update…

Drivel Starved Nation!

I am pleased to be able to share that all of our Pencil Precision orders will be shipped in the next 12 weeks.

I am really excited to finish this project, and even more excited to share this fun project with everybody. And, I am so grateful for everybody’s patience — I do believe you will be thrilled making pencils in your kitchen, or shop.

For those of you with pre-orders, you will be contacted by Consuelo in the next couple of weeks to update payment and delivery data. All orders will be shipped out of the Montclair, CA, facility, and the final payment will be processed by that office as well. This is a bit of a hassle I know, but I can no longer process credit card orders, as all of those accounts have been closed. Regardless, we will make sure everybody is happy.

Lastly, I took a week off in January and flew to Texas to visit my son and my two grandchildren. While there, I went down to McAllen, Texas to take some bird photographs. A couple of my favorites are posted below.

Lastly again, I sure hope all of you are healthy. I personally am really looking forward to getting vaccinated so I can get out more.

Until next time,

—- John

PS: The bird images are of Cardinals, Caracara (the large eagle like bird that is actually part of the falcon family), the berry picking bird is the Great Kiskadee. There is a Golden- throat woodpecker and a Green Jay. Oh, and an Altamira oriole.

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  1. I just learned that I will receive the first production unit next week. I will certainly post pics on this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog.


  2. Excellent photos. We will be returning to TX (South Padre) n the near term after a 2 year hiatus primarily for bird watching and photography. Love birding in the McAllen area.

  3. Chris,

    Thanks. I cannot wait to go back. I really want to visit Gavelston when the birds migrate back from Central and South America.


  4. Those photographs are just amazing, John! Are you keeping a record of the species you see? I’ve never even heard of some of those – and I started life as an ornithologist! I can’t imagine how many photos you must have to toss, to get those motion captures. Thank goodness it’s not the old days, when you actually had to pay to develop all your pictures, only then to find out which ones worked…

    I hope you get great reviews of your Pencil Precision. It’s such a fun concept.

    Also: Consuelo? I’m guessing that this is a new auxiliary backup Consuelo, not our wonderful original one…?

  5. Peter,

    Thanks. Shot over 15k images to keep about 50. And yes on the species count. I’m up to 30 or so now. Digital certainly makes this more fun and is more economical… maybe. The equipment is not cheap.

    Pencil Precision will be fun to follow as it rolls out. I’m excited to see how well it is embraced.

    I’m dragging the one and only Consuelo back into the BCTW universe for a couple of days, and am looking forward to working with her again!


  6. Thanks Peter for asking a question that many of us were thinking.


    Your creativity and talent is clearly multi-dimensional. Your tools, your art, and your humble reflections enrich so many of us.

    Have you thought about creating a section of your blog site (or another site) to highlight photography/ornithology?
    Your images deserve to be shared with the world, and many of us would love to hear your reflections about the adventure behind the art (including technical details and tips). I am sure these would sell – although turning a penny may not be your priority. That said – creativity is best shared … right?

    If you could figure out an efficient process to highlight your art, the world would be a better place 🙂

    Be well,


  7. Bert,

    Thanks for your comments regarding my work.

    Interesting thing about bird photography, I am just a beginner. I bought my first good camera 4 years ago. That said, your proposal is interesting and I would like to ponder on it a bit.

    Although I am still doing design work for Jack and Team Harvey, my passion is wildlife photography. I like this for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is lugging a camera and tripod around a National Wildlife Refuge on foot is great exercise (and I need it) but I also enjoy developing the images and making prints for friends and family.

    I came across this quote many years ago, and I never forgot it, “You never retire from something, you always retire to something.” So my days are really fun. I still love creating and doing CAD work, and I really enjoy making photorealistic renderings of things that don’t exist in the real world. When I need a break from that, I have bird images to process. I can honestly say my days have never felt so rewarding. And all of this comes after playing with my grandkids.

    That said, if you have a specific image you would like to know more about, just ask. I would be happy to answer your inquiries.


  8. That’s so wonderful that you’re getting the one, the only original Consuelo back!! Please give her big hugs from all of us Franks.

    I like Bert’s idea. And we should have a cooking section, too. Maybe focused on cooking tools and technology…


  9. Wow, these are really stunning pictures, you can feel the pathos in the birds motion!

    Can’t wait to use the pencil precision jig, it is just magic how your products are fostering people and children’s creativity, kudos to you John.

    Out of curiosity have you ever considered designing a jig for educational purposes where with a small HP-8 you can shave multiple facets of a block of wood turning it into different geometric solids (I think they are called polyhedrons from the Platonic solids)?
    I can see how kids in schools (and at home) would have fun building their owns and at the same time learning about their geometry, angles and maybe stacking them together like a 3D puzzle to create other shapes. I’m sure it is going to be very complicated but you have never shied away from a challenge 😉

  10. Hi John,
    Just read your update on the pencil maker. I’ts a work of art and I’m sure it will do well.

    In the meantime your pictures of the cardinal are incredible. I can’t get over the short depth of field and bokah you get with the long lens you use. It’s perfect.

    We get cardinals where I live and yesterday we had one just like yours on a tree branch right outside a window. He stayed for awhile but my camera wasn’t handy. Luckily I take pictures in my mind and will remember him.

    Best, Joe

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